Week 4: Browns at Warshington

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Week 4: Browns at Warshington 

Post#1 » by Ruzious » Sun Oct 2, 2016 8:39 pm

Kind of a weird win. We needed it, and we got it. We balanced the passing game with the running game, we came up with a bunch of turnovers, but... it still felt a bit unsatisfying.

That was the worst run defense by both teams in a game I remember EVER seeing. The holes were bigger than when Timmy Smith set a record in the SB against Denver. And the tackling... no doubt Isaiah Crowell played great... but that's a guy who was an undrafted free agent 3 years ago, and the Skins made him look like a first ballot HOFer. If it wasn't for their other RB's fumbles, we probably would have lost and ended up 1 and 3... after our 3rd home game.

Cousins had a QB rating of 116.5 - that's terrific - but that one int put them back in the game when we should have been shutting the door. Sometimes he locks into a receiver and doesn't see a defender - and that was one of those times. And several times he hung onto the ball too long - which he rarely does. That first down play where he got sacked from the blind side - how did he not feel the guy coming at him - considering he had held onto the ball a good 6 seconds by then? Overall, this was probably his best game of the season, but he's got to continue to improve - much like he did last season.

Officiating - stunk. But they stunk for both teams. What bothered me was penalty calls that just didn't happen. That holding call on Scherf on a very good block was absurd. Then again, pass interference calls went the Skins way.
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