Not Many Trade Options for our Lakers Mitch says

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Re: Brooklyn pursuing Dwight?? 

Post#221 » by Paradise » Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:57 am

DEEP3CL wrote:For the lurkers of the Nets and other fans......

The Nets have nothing the Lakers would want, and don't go saying " well they can ask this team to help". Save that weak bull for the blind dummy. The Lakers aren't going to panic and trade Dwight, and if any such trade did happen to go down it would be totally on the Lakers terms and they'll dictate.

Believe that

This is just BS to make himself and his crew look good or try to play mind games with the Lakers to get D'antoni out or Gasol out. I don't want my team dragged through his mess.

1. Nobody really believes this rumor really.

2. Lakers obviously would dictate where he ends up. The best deals for Howard and if the Lakers want to go into a different direction would be Brooklyn or Sacramento/Seattle even Atlanta/Chicago would be attractive packages.

3. Quite frankly, most Net fans don't want him. Atleast until he plays like he's Dwight Howard and not the meaningless stats he's putting up.

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Re: Brooklyn pursuing Dwight?? 

Post#222 » by Goochmeister » Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:58 am

Sooo Dwight's people have basically come out and said Mike isn't the right coach, we already know how pau feels about the system, and Kobe said this isn't working (i'm assuming he means antoni). i think it's pretty obvious that mike will be gone by the time summer rolls around. The guy has so far managed to make one of the most star studded teams a complete joke and has his top players doubting his system. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we stand pat at the deadline, fire mike at the end of the season, bring in a competent coach, bring in an NBA caliber bench, and are fighting for a top 3 seed this time next year 8-)
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Re: Brooklyn pursuing Dwight?? 

Post#223 » by RyanStorm » Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:22 am

The fact is this, Howard sells tickets, he is popular, and even though Kobe, Howard, Rondo and Garnet are losing teams, who have a great chance of not making the playoffs, they all still got All Star selections. All-Star no longer means the same thing that it use to, what kind of all star is on a losing team?

Having a guy like Howard on your team in a big market, just means more money, more money than having Lopez. If I were Howard and want a ring, I would bail out of LakerLand and go to The BK. If I were Love, I wouldn't want to join any other team. If T-Wolves were all healthy and working 100%, they are gonna rock.
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Re: Brooklyn pursuing Dwight?? 

Post#224 » by JustAwesome » Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:09 am

RyanStorm wrote: If I were Love, I wouldn't want to join any other team. If T-Wolves were all healthy and working 100%, they are gonna rock.

There's no guarantees that the Wolves are going to be a legitimate contender, so Love and (more importantly) his agent are going to lean towards the best financial situation (a big market).
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Re: Brooklyn pursuing Dwight?? 

Post#225 » by parson » Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:21 am

Hawks fan here, I come in peace, with a thought: it makes sense that the NETS are the ones who planted this story, especially if they have connections to Rudolph. That way, they put pressure on the Lakers, then deny it to drive down the price. If they want any chance to get Howard, it'd only come in some way like this.
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Re: Brooklyn pursuing Dwight?? 

Post#226 » by GeneralNash » Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:23 am

Lakers would have to get Kyrie Irving and another all star for Dwight. That would be good.
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Chances of current roster staying put? 

Post#227 » by billy_21 » Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:35 pm

Yes, we are struggling like crazy.. I was saying earlier in the season that so far this has reminded me of how we struggled so much back in 07' and I was told I was crazy?!?

If we don't make it into the playoffs this yr, do we end up keeping all our current pieces together and just stick together to make this work? Or do you think we will end up trading some of our core pieces? Eg, Dwight? Gasol? Or do we bite the bullet and give Phil what he wants to come back?

I believe that this can work, I don't believe that MDA understands how to utilize the current roster. Nash only shooting like 8 shots a game when his making 50% of his FG attempts.. Wtf?!? Dwight is not playing like a dominate Centre and more like a confused kid on offense and what is even more strange is his completely lost on defense. This is a guy who put a team of scrubs (relatively speaking in 09') to the finals and he can't play with Gasol? Pleeease!! This can work, but we need to make the right adjustments, whether its with MDA or PJ. When Bernie was interim HC he had this team playing to its strengths and thats what we need to do.

First thing is first, if we stick with MDA he needs to start Dwight, Gasol, MWP, Kobe, Nash. This is our strongest line-up, we need to give them time to figure it out, they have played something like 14 games together due to injuries etc. Just cause the PnR isn't working with the strongest line-up you dont bench a HOF > a nobody!! (No hate on Clark his a good player but nothing compared to Gasol) Future HOFs don't need to be told what to do, let them figure it out and just make adjustments to the rotations!!

This was more to vent my frustration at the current situation, everyone has an opinion on what we need to do.. I just don't think we would be any better off trading Dwight, Gasol or taking on any other pieces. I hope Dwight is patient and sticks this out. Even though Gasol is struggling on the court he still has the mindset of doing what is best for the team which is great to see.

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Re: Brooklyn pursuing Dwight?? 

Post#228 » by Jetset » Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:06 pm

can someone link me to where we're considering trading dwight? because all i've read is that we haven't even thought about trading him. everyone's talking about the nets, so i've got to figure this is rudolph's fault and had he never said anything this wouldn't even be talked about. and it's funny because these people aren't even citing realgm.
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Re: Chances of current roster staying put? 

Post#229 » by Jetset » Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:32 pm

kobe, pau, nash, blake, and hill are the only players that are locked in without some kind of clause in their contracts. ebanks, morris, sacre have qualifying offers, duhon is unguaranteed, meeks has a team option, and metta has an early termination option. if i had to say we're probably not going to retain ebanks and duhon, meeks may try to sign elsewhere for more money, and metta's more than likely staying as no one else is going to pay him $7 million. clark, howard, and jamison are expiring deals. jamison will undoubtedly be let go, can't see us getting rid of clark, and howard will more than likely re-sign following the firing of d'antoni.

we're basically the same team as this year if we stood pat and traded no one, so somebody or some bodies have to go. kobe, pau, blake, hill, metta, are all expiring contracts next year so i suspect all but kobe will be on the trade block.

chances of current roster staying put - 0%
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Re: Brooklyn pursuing Dwight?? 

Post#230 » by deNIEd » Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:47 pm

GeneralNash wrote:Lakers would have to get Kyrie Irving and another all star for Dwight. That would be good.

Dwight's trade value is incredibly low to about 26 teams in the league...the 26 teams that know that there is little to no chance that he resigns there.

Only somewhere that thinks they can retain Dwight will give up any sort of value for him.
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Re: Chances of current roster staying put? 

Post#231 » by Run-MKE 311 » Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:14 pm

Very little chance this roster stays put, depending on what coach and system we have in place next year, the bench certainly needs an entire overhaul.

Time will tell what happens with Pau and Dwight, but Kobe has a more years left in the tank and I still believe you can do some good with Nash.

Just about every scenario has to be on the table though as you approach next season.
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Re: Chances of current roster staying put? 

Post#232 » by Cashin out » Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:01 pm

Dwight will be traded, he doesn't want to be here. He has not been the fun loving guy like he was in Orlando. Add all the blame he is receiving from the media, I think he would welcome a trade.
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Re: Not Many Trade Options for our Lakers Mitch says 

Post#233 » by leeprettyp » Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:19 pm

Man i'll take the win anyday for this team.. But if Mike D is gonna be the coach and the Buss family seems married to this guy and his system.... then why not flip Pau now for a player of Rudy Gay caliber, I say scrap the 2014 free agency plan (Always felt it is a Jim Buss pipe dream being sold to fans.. Lebron and Melo aint coming here and we can just bring in K.Love 2015 by signning him outright) cause the components and pieces are here for us to be a contender. Gay would be ideal as a 3rd option on this team (hey he is overpaid but we do have this 5billion dollar TV deal). Mike D didnt even play Pau hardly in the 2nd half. In favor of Jamison?????? And dont give me the stretch the court excuse because he shot 1-5 from the 3 point land. Also, it was a reason Ryan Anderson went off late in the 3rd and who 4th quarter. Jamison is HORRIBLE on defense. If thats the case I'd feel much better with Jamison, Metta and Clark splitting the minutes in at the PF position (Maybe also use the Jordan Hill injury exception whenever the league approves it and sign Kmart?) I know the deal was a rumor but I just feel if we could've gotten a third team involved that covets Pau (Boston for instance) and use the pieces they have Gay should've ended up here. Another shot creater who's athletic, long and can defend is exactly what this team needs. Also as Kobe is going into facilitor mode and feeding Dwight easy buckets he is becoming more active on the defensive end and rebounds again. It just doesnt make any sense if we want to be a serious contender to keep an unhappy camper on the roster who can contribute but the coach doesnt like the idea of him being out there. Majority of contending teams are playing this stretch PF and small ball nowadays in the NBA anyway.

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