unrealistic wish list for non lakers starter player.

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unrealistic wish list for non lakers starter player. 

Post#1 » by lalalaker » Fri Aug 30, 2019 9:08 am

we all can imagine certain expectation for rotation and starter players but as a fan we have ppl who believe our draftees and signees to be a hidden gem. Some of us can be over our head some think more realistically but i am the former. i always liked players such as thomas bryant and svi past few season and honestly didnt think too highly of zubac. unfortunately we had to deal with low level coach that only saw veterans being played simply bc they were vets. Now unlike them i dont see that glare in the new players we drafted or signed but we can always dream right. lets discuss some.

kostas antetakoumpo - great frame like his mvp brother can play 3 or 4 or 5, wishful thinking is him becoming our paskal siakam who knows how to use size. i do see potential but i believe it will take time. southbay time would help big bc wat he lacks right now is confidence that says he belongs in nba. thomas B went thru the same route. that means if he cant at least dominate the g league then he wont make it nba.

zack norvel - isnt a bad player but his position is like 1 or 2 which we are loaded at the moment so prolly no playtime for lakers except garbage time. decent shooter but nothing more. seems to be like our new jordan clarkson.

THT - no sample size to use so kinda difficult. first impression dude looks little over weight but isnt something thats holding him back. has unusually huge hands that is slightly smaller than khawi but 7"1 wing span makes him reliable defender from 1 to 3. decent shooter but not consistent and good athleticism. my guess is he has potential to become a tier 2 rotation player who might have a chance to blossom into something special. this is just my opinion but his body structure is unique and learning to use it to advantage is the first step. hard to find someone to relate to as of yet since he havent event seen him play any nba games so maybe at preseason we would get a better idea of what to expect. lakers did select him and their draft selection has been gold these past few seasons.
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Re: unrealistic wish list for non lakers starter player. 

Post#2 » by stan francisco » Fri Aug 30, 2019 1:59 pm

Best case outcome for our bench prospects?

Alex Caruso
Will establish himself as a starting caliber NBA point guard this season. I know he’s not end-of-bench prospect but he was a g leaguer last season and I actually expect that he’ll blow up.

Kostas Antetokounmpo
He needs to hit the gym, gain lower body strength so he can play C. Can become an extremely versatile defender a la Ingram. He probably needs one more year before he’ll show what he can do in his prime. He has a good feel for the game, all the talents in place, should get good looks to cut to the hoop placed next to shooters. Huge upside, low risk signing. He could start blowing up in a year from now, then we’re really set up nicely with him and AD.

Zach “LeVron” Norvell
Good shooter, very good playmaker, pass first mentality. I don’t expect to see him playing much unless he suddenly becomes a total dog on defense facing NBA level physicality and speed.

Unrealistic upside? He is an outlier who might end up being the steal of this draft. Very young. He needs a year but will probably show us flashes of why he’s our Ginobili of this draft. He has a whole heap of star potential talents, not least defensively. Man, he and Kostas and AD running the break in a few years... THT is a keeper.

Bulldog defender at 6’7”. Seems to have Faried level energy on defense. Very good rebounder, good foot quickness, anticipates well. The type of guy that can give us meaningful scrappy minutes already as a rookie. I’d stick him on opposing wings for a temporary physical defense look.

I have high hopes for him, too. Good rebounder. High energy. I like our picks.
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