2019-2020 Season The Future Lakers

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2019-2020 Season The Future Lakers 

Post#1 » by thomas1897 » Sun Nov 3, 2019 4:43 pm

The two players the Lakers invested are Lebron and Anthony Davis. The Lakers have had a tradition to seek out super stars and build teams around them. It has resulted in success; however today's NBA teams have roster that have 10 and 12 players who can play. Denver a team on the rise, Portland, LA Clippers and Milwaukee. Toronto last year had one superstar but had a very deep roster of very good players. Will this team( Lakers) past the test? Wining the Western Conference is questionable. Too many good players were selected by the Lakers that could have provide a good bench if the management was patient. Can Lebron play at a high level and still produce over entire season and into the playoffs without any injuries? These are some of the weaknesses the Lakers have. Fixing it requires some good basketball operational skills to acquire good talent. How good this team will be depends on the players and how they adjust to the coaching and to each other. The LA management sells at lot of public relations about the team and how they can attract capacity crowds and selling tickets; this is the LA culture. It is Hollywood.
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Re: 2019-2020 Season The Future Lakers 

Post#2 » by Landsberger » Sun Nov 3, 2019 7:41 pm

Denver, Portland and Milwaukee didn't even make the finals. The NBA for decades has been about having 2 top 10 players if you're a championship team. Good and deep teams never seem to get there with a few exceptions.

That said, we have a good supporting case for our 2 stars. If Kuzma can fit in and give us 15-18 off the bench we'll be even stronger than our 4-1 start would suggest.

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