Game 33: Los Angeles Lakers (25-7) vs. Dallas Mavericks (21-10) - 9:30 PM ET

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Re: Game 33: Los Angeles Lakers (25-7) vs. Dallas Mavericks (21-10) - 9:30 PM ET 

Post#101 » by tamaraw08 » Fri Jan 3, 2020 3:53 pm

lazybatman wrote:
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danfantastk32 wrote:
I like a pass-first type game. Move the ball, until an open shot is there. <------Key point there: Until an open shot it there. You don't want to pass it again...just to make some quota per play, or something.

And I think that's the key. Whether people like or not....Lebron and AD are the most talented guys on the team by a good margin, and they also gobble up a massive % of the teams salary. This team needs to build around them, and their strengths. Not vice-versa.

I want Lebron to take what the game gives him, and what he's comfortable with. If that's 15 assists....great. If it's 5 assists, fine. Go do what makes Lebron comfortable. Not Green. Not Rondo. Not Dwight. Lebron is a perfectly willing passer, and that makes it easier. The coach should be doing whatever it takes to get our two stars in rhythm, and purring along. Leave them to sprinkle the opportunities to the others, as they see fit.

I don't have it in front of me but I'm not sure outside of Magic and Cousy any team with the assist leader has won a championship. I think I remember reading that they only did it once each. Having one guy dominate the ball just to pass it has never been a path to a great team. Great teams have a level of diversity and rarely do you see the leading scorer or assist guy on a championship team. It happens but rarely. Jordan in scoring is an exception.

Assists are one of those stats everyone loves to tout yet they don't translate to team success as much as their popularity would suggest. A group of 5 guys averaging 4 assists is better than 5 with one guy averaging 11 most times. I'd also point out that what it takes to get an assist credited has become so subjective it's basically making the stat useless. Sometimes we see assists given when you pass to a player on the wing who makes 2 or 3 fakes and then dribbles 2 or more times to get a shot off.
Good points all across and my apologies for not explaining myself better.

My point is 3>2.

Quinn Cook, Danny Green, KCP, Dudley, Troy Daniels are just better shooters than Bron, but none except QC can create **** on their own. Don't you guys think it'll be a lot more efficient in terms of points per shot yeild and creating interior spacing for AD, Lebron & Kuz if those guys got more shots 3 pt shots thanks via drive/post up and kick action.

I think more shots for them would translate to a higher comfort level and better team 3 pt fg%.

Just an idea, cos I'm getting sick of getting found out on offense in the clutch against quality defences lately. Lebron telegraphs his 3 pointers like a couple of weeks in advance. No other way Pat Bev gets that block on a 6'9 guy. I think he's the greatest thing since Mike retired, but just cringe everytime he takes the dribble dribble 3 instead of driving into the weak SOBs.

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Your points are valid but those better shooters like QC, Dudley, Daniels are all bad defenders, that is why they don't get minutes, therefore don't get enough attempts. KCP has been pretty solid while Green's shot has been too inconsistent IMO.
Clippers plays a very physical game, I think what they are trying to do is to put Beverley on James and hopefully wear him down while others are staying home to Green and KCP. They are betting that if they hold everybody to less than 20 points, that James can't get 50 points on his own esp after the recent groin injury.
The dribble dribble endless dribble in the perimeter then take a low % 3 by James is horrible indeed, but I think Lebron was trying to minimize the chance of his pass getting intercepted leading to quick transistion points. Late possessions are much more valued and the worst thing in their mind is to give up the ball via steal or a drop pass.
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Re: Game 33: Los Angeles Lakers (25-7) vs. Dallas Mavericks (21-10) - 9:30 PM ET 

Post#102 » by Beethoven » Fri Jan 3, 2020 6:22 pm

pelicans game thread already please. i gotta post in it , have my say in it.
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