The Center Position

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The Center Position 

Post#1 » by LALifer49 » Thu Jan 2, 2020 8:07 pm

Is our center position getting enough love around here? How important do you think the impact our centers are providing is to our team success? How do you think our center position stacks up around the league? Not counting Ad's time at center for the purpose of this thread. But Mcgee and Howard are combining to average:

14/12.6/.9 steals/2.9 blocks on 68.2% from the field, and only 2 TOVS in exactly 36 mins.
Downsides, very high foul rate of 5.8 fouls and 54% from FT line.
That is some damn good production.
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Re: The Center Position 

Post#2 » by Beethoven » Thu Jan 2, 2020 8:36 pm

We were looking a little lean once dmc went down and we only had Mcgee, but when Dwight came in, it propelled our center position higher than what most teams have at that position due to Dwight's enlightenment of 'purpose'.
Together with the efficiency of using Mcgee in small spurts at the beginning of quarters, yeah, they are often times referred to as a two headed monster, and if dwight can lessen some of his fouls, and if they maintain/stay consistent like this all the way through june, they definitely will be a big contribution to our success. I think they get a lot of love (at least from me while watching the games) but this forum usually tend towards focusing on the negatives of the team, and I get that.

One thing I do want to mention is that I find it highly valuable that dwight remains VOCAl throughout the games. While on the bench w his antics or when dunking, yelling and just shouting out for defensive commands. It does mentally make us feel we got some force behind our team and im sure it does affect the other team psychologically if a little bit perhaps.
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