What was the story with Glenn Rice?

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Re: What was the story with Glenn Rice? 

Post#21 » by scoobs07 » Tue Jul 14, 2020 11:38 pm

tamaraw08 wrote:
LakersLegacy wrote:Phil said in his book he thought Rice was falling off a cliff

I read most of Phil's books and I don't recall him stating that, but it that is true, Rice still did pretty well, averaged 16 pts for 12 shots.
Another comment about him totally sucking on defense, and yet Phil who is about winning and being strong willed, let him play for 31.6 mins/game. I am not saying he is a great defender, of course Fox was a much better one but it didn't makes sense to me that Phil would play him more minutes if he is constantly getting torched.
But to reiterate my point, most good systems only need 2 supertars to win, from the Bulls to Phil coached Lakers.
Even with the Spurs, Manu was a great scorer and yet only hit above 17pts twice in his 15 years. Most of us are still at a loss on why Kuzma was not thriving this year and yet it usually happens to a 3rd option for a Lebron team, from Bosh to Love and now to Kuz.

Great point about the third-star thing. That third player needs to put their ego aside and sacrifice to win rings. It's hard for a player to do that. Even Kuz, who is relatively unproven, is having a hard time with it.

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