Which Laker take is true... or false

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Which Laker take is true... or false 

Post#1 » by tamaraw08 » Sat Nov 20, 2021 6:06 pm

1. Pelinka won a chip, therefore he is a Genius.
2. Schroder was/is the worst PG/fit the Lakers had.
3. Frank Vogel is such a Great Defensive Guru, he can teach marginal players to play good defense.
4. KCP, Kuzma and Caruso are overrated defenders.
5. THT is good fit next to Lebron and AD.
6. Anthony Davis is THE CHEAT CODE, that he is one of the best defenders who erase mistakes by teammates.
7. Lakers badly need shooters, that is why they acquired 4-5 players who shot 40% last offseason.
8. Lakers badly need a rim protector(last year they didn't have him=still topped in DRTG), that is why they hired Howard back.
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Re: Which Laker take is true... or false 

Post#2 » by Eric Bieniemy » Sat Nov 20, 2021 6:27 pm

1 - False. You have to earn that title of genius.
2 - False. Harrell was a worse fit.
3 - False. He's had success bc of personnel.
4 - False. They're rated just about right.
5 - True. As long as he shoots above 35% from 3.
6 - True. He's just not trying to be DPOY anymore.
7 - True. This is obvious .
8 - False. Davis is enough.
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Re: Which Laker take is true... or false 

Post#3 » by Pythagoras » Sat Nov 20, 2021 6:58 pm

1. False. I don’t think Pelinka is a bad GM, but he certainly hasn’t proven himself a genius.
2. False. Schroeder’s personality bothered me more than his actual play on the court.
3. True. Since he’s been the Lakers coach, his team’s have always better defensively than their personnel says it should be.
4. False. All are solid to good defensively.
5. False with a caveat. It’s not a really bad fit, but it’s certainly not good, and it’s made worse when it’s Lebron AND Westbrook.
6. True with a caveat. He was better covering problems defensively when he was the 4, because he could roam the perimeter more.
7. True, and they still could use more.
8. False. Elite rim protection is a luxury, not a necessity.
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