NEW Full Keeper $$$ League

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NEW Full Keeper $$$ League 

Post#1 » by Red36 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:29 am

Hey All,

I've been looking all off season for a new league and haven't found the "perfect" league. Maybe I am just too damn picky! When I saw a post from a member in a league with me. Our views on what kind of league we wanted to join are almost identical. After some talk we started contemplating starting up a new league, however if we do we both know we don't want just another average league. If we are to start up a new league we decided it needs to be done correctly. Ensuring active, knowledgeable and passionate GMs to help make sure that this will not only become our favourite league but also a top league for everyone involved. This means getting the right guys is essential to this league. Below is roughly what we would like the league to look like:

20 Team H2H Fantrax League
NHL Salaries - Cap at 20% more than NHL Floor/Ceiling
Daily Rosters
Two Conferences of Two Divisions
$50 Entry Fee + Fantrax Fee

Scoring Categories:

G, A, +/-, Special Team Points (STP), SOG, Hits, Blocks, ATOI (average time on ice)
W, GAA, Svs, SV%

No PM - a dying category, awarding negative play

No FO - one position stat

No Pts - makes points getters even more disparately valuable

STP - shorthanded is too volatile, so combined PP & SH

TOI - one of the true measurements of players value in real hockey

No SO - over values tenders on contenders and too low scoring on a weekly basis


1st Place Regular season: $350
1st Place Playoffs: $400
2nd Place Playoffs: $50
Conference Champions: $50 Each
Division Champions: $25 Each

NHL Roster: 3C, 3LW, 3RW, 6D, 1G, 1Skt, 6BN, 3IR (Minimum two goalie starts)
Minor Roster: 27 Player Limit - Players under 200gp for skaters/90GP for goalies (5 exception players allowed)

5 Round Prospect Draft held yearly
2 Round FA/WW Draft held before each season (Starting Year 2)

If the league does fill up like we hope then a forum would be created.

If you are interested email me at . Once the league is full then draft dates would be determined.


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