Melo to LAC, Clips go for 2019, ORL gets assets

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Melo to LAC, Clips go for 2019, ORL gets assets 

Post#1 » by MoneyTalks41890 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:53 am

LAC out: Gallo, Lou, Bev
LAC in: Melo, Vuc

Clippers reset and dump a ton of salary.

ORL out: Vuc, DJ, Simmons, OKC 1st top 20 prot
ORL in: Gallo, Bev, Ferg, Abrines, 2019 OKC 1st unp, 2021 OKC 1st lotto prot

Magic get assets for taking salary.

OKC out: Melo, Ferg, Abrines, 2019 1st unp, 2021 1st lotto prot
OKC in: Lou, DJ, Simmons, 2020 1st

Thunder get needed pieces.
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Re: Melo to LAC, Clips go for 2019, ORL gets assets 

Post#2 » by SportsFan215 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:16 am

LAC gives up too much here. Beverley and Lou are two of their best assets.
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Re: Melo to LAC, Clips go for 2019, ORL gets assets 

Post#3 » by Vae Victus » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:33 am

Hmmm... does OKC want Lou? LAC will happily keep him and toss a SRP + cash to help compensate for missing value. OKC might want to just focus on a bigger luxury tax reduction (taking in Lou makes their tax bill jump a decent) as they're already getting enough bench pieces from ORL.

C - Vucevic, Gortat, Boban
PF- Melo (or bought out), Harrell, Dekker
SF- Harris, WesJ, Wallace
SG- Robinson, Lou, Evans
PG- SGA, Teodosic, Thornwell

For the Clips i dig this very much. All dat 2019 cap space and the Logo at the helm, YUM!
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Re: Melo to LAC, Clips go for 2019, ORL gets assets 

Post#4 » by QRich3 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:32 am

It's a fair trade value wise, but as most of us Clippers fans have been saying in every dump-Gallo thread (which seem to be most Clippers threads here nowadays) it doesn't make a lot of sense direction wise.

The Clippers are gonna have about $60M in capspace already with Gallo on the books, it makes more sense to use those assets to bring in picks or young players than using them to have $80M in capspace, since they're not gonna have much more use for $80M in free agents than they would for $60M.
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Re: Melo to LAC, Clips go for 2019, ORL gets assets 

Post#5 » by Eskobar13 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:05 am

Yeah I like the idea and the value, but if I'm the Clippers I rather try to rehab a bit of Gallo's value before trading him away or just keep him if it comes to it.

For OKC I like this, not sure if the owners would, but our ceiling rises considerably.

Orlando should do this deal 10/10 times.

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