Knicks-Bobcats-Pistons (Ideal Amar'e trade)

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Knicks-Bobcats-Pistons (Ideal Amar'e trade) 

Post#1 » by DowNY » Tue Jun 26, 2012 10:24 am

Posted this a week or so ago in the Knicks trade thread, might as well get a few more opinions before Thursday.
Seeing how there's a lot of Knick fans who want Amar'e traded, I humor you with a realistic trade offer to do just that. I've seen tons of trade scenarios where the Knicks doesn't get much back for Amar'e in a deal, which I understand but doubt would be the case if a trade actually happened. Here's an offer I think is good for all teams involved on draft night;

Pistons receive: Corey Maggette, Jerome Jordan, Dan Gadzuric & #2 overall pick (Andre Drummond?)
Why? - Pistons need to really start over, the right way. Kinda hard to do so with money tied up in too many role playing vets. They get a $10 million dollar expiring in Maggette for Prince's & Stuckey's long term deals and they get to move up to #2 & continue to build around Brandon Knight & Greg Monroe.
Jerome & Dan's contract's are non-guaranteed, so they could be cut as soon as trade is official.
The cherry on top could be that they can still use their Amnesty of Charlie Vill to free up even more cap space.

Bobcats receive: Amar'e Stoudemire, Toney Douglas, & #8 overall pick

Why? - They're hurting for someone or something to help their cause & fan base. They turn an extra washed up role player & a decent role player into a Star whom is falling out there prime but contains & shows leadership that fans can cheer for. They send out just about the same amount they receive in the deal, so they'd still have a ton of cap space to play with during FA. It's also been noted that they have no problem trading out that #2 spot in the draft, so at least they get to stay in top 10.

Knicks receive: Rodney Stuckey, Tyrus Thomas, & Tayshaun Prince

Why? - Why not? Lol. Rodney Stuckey is young, fit nicely, & can get more important PT with the Knicks than the lowly Pistons at this point, especially with standout Knicks' rookie Iman Shumpert being out most of his sophomore season. Stuckey could be Lin's or JR's backup. Tyrus Thomas would obviously replace Amar'e & is still young himself. And Tayshaun could be the 7th man or 8th man & be Melo's backup, providing some D & vet awareness.
This deal would also do wonders for NY seeing how they're in limbo with this bird-rights appeal stuff. Can't just sit back & wait. Improvement must be made if the mode is in win-now, no matter what.
If the decision is upheld, then this deal looks even better since the MLE would still be available to add another piece.
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Re: Knicks-Bobcats-Pistons (Ideal Amar'e trade) 

Post#2 » by Sasaki » Tue Jun 26, 2012 10:59 am

Wow. I mean, wow.

This is bad for Detroit, but Charlotte just gets bent over. The #2 for Amare? Seriously? Sure, they dump Thomas and Maggette, but then they take back a just as bad deal.
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Re: Knicks-Bobcats-Pistons (Ideal Amar'e trade) 

Post#3 » by JustMoe » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:07 am

Agreed on the Charlotte part, but Detroit? They deal Stuckey, Prince and #9 (not #8, that's the Raptors' pick) for a couple of expirings/non-guaranteed contracts and #2 - doesn't look too bad to me. Prince is going to earn almost 22 millions over the next three years - not sure whether he's still worth that contract.

And while I really like Stuckey, that's the price they'd have to pay to move up from #9 to picking someone like T-Rob/MKG/Drummond. Not saying this is a homerun for the Pistons, but it doesn't look that bad to me, either.
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Re: Knicks-Bobcats-Pistons (Ideal Amar'e trade) 

Post#4 » by Elden Payton » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:10 am

Amare is a shell of his former self and with his knees and lack of insurance he is just toxic.
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Re: Knicks-Bobcats-Pistons (Ideal Amar'e trade) 

Post#5 » by James Gatz » Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:09 pm

Bobcats say hell no.

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