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Post#1 » by Foshan » Wed Jan 9, 2013 2:52 am

MEM: Gay / Selby
mem: Dudley / N.Young (exp) / 1st (via Phx, min pick?) / Enough cap space to get under tax

Get a replacement in Dudley, and a pick, and under tax. perfect.

PHX: Dudley / Beasley / Gorat / 1st
phx: Gay / Hawes

Get their SF, move Beasley. They take on a little bit of money, I guess W.Johnson could be thrown in as salary filler if necessary.

PHI: N.Young / Hawes
phi: Gorat / Beasely / Selby

Philly takes on Beasely's crappy deal in order to get a decent C, since they refuse to tank.
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Re: PHX / PHI / MEM 

Post#2 » by 76erFixer » Wed Jan 9, 2013 2:59 am

I really don't want Beasley but idb prob do it to aquire Gortat. Id rather dump Kwame tho, I think Hawes and Gortat would actially play well togather and that would be good backup for injuries (andrew cough cough) and or if we let bynum walk
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Re: PHX / PHI / MEM 

Post#3 » by Sun Scorched » Wed Jan 9, 2013 6:33 am

This is the third time I've seen Gortat's inclusion in a Gay trade - why does PHX include Gortat? For the privilege of downgrading to Hawes?

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Re: PHX / PHI / MEM 

Post#4 » by ATF » Wed Jan 9, 2013 6:40 am

Terrible for Phoenix.
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Re: PHX / PHI / MEM 

Post#5 » by hcsilla » Wed Jan 9, 2013 8:08 am

An even bigger no to a Gay-trade if Hawes is included too.

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