Crazy 4 Teamer Where Everyone Wins

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Re: Crazy 4 Teamer Where Everyone Wins 

Post#61 » by Dat2U » Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:37 am

bleeds_purple wrote:
Dat2U wrote:
rugbyrugger23 wrote:
To answer my own question, I think A. Gordon would be a perfect target. Miles or Bertans expiring + Hachimura + TBJ plus 1 or 2 FFRP would get Gordon from Magic (assuming they are struggling and are sellers themselves).

C: Adams
F: Gordon
F: Wiggins
G: Beal
G: Dragic

Other than Dragic, that is a hell of a core team for Wizards. I think Beal is the oldest at 26.

It doesn't work.

You have the Wizards taking on too much salary. This puts them in the lux tax.

They also would reject any idea of a Wiggins for Wall swap. Wiz seem intent on letting Wall recover and play it out. I also dont see any scenario where Wiggins is a core member of a successful team. He's only gotten progressively worse since his extension. No one wants that. Everyone can keep trying to dump him to DC or anywhere else, but no one wants a known slacker making his salary on their roster.

I kind of like it for Washington. They are in one of the worst positions in the entire league right now. If they just hold onto Wall there's a decent chance Beal wants out eventually once they play together and it inevitably proves to be a dead-end.

Under those circumstances, taking a flyer on the former number one overall pick and a decently young, solid rotation C isn't the worst plan.

Aaron Gordon I would be less enthusiastic about. I feel like he thinks he's better than he is and will need to learn to accept his role if he's going to be a real player in the league.

So your logic is taking on a flyer on Wiggins may help the Wizards keep Beal ?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Come on man!!!!

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