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Re: JR Smith needs to be guaranteed or waived today...

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 5:47 am
by jbk1234
giberish wrote:Not a big fan of the way Cleveland handled the Smith contract. It was never as valuable as cap space - teams looking to clear money for a FA move want cap space, not a partially guaranteed contract. That greatly limits any value Cleveland could possibly get. Then they'd be in the luxury tax for taking back a contract for Smith - and teams never go into the luxury tax to take back a salary dump for late 1st sort of deal.

So why extend the date and guarantee Smith extra money - which then needed to be stretched to get under the tax line? Were they really expecting a top-15 pick or something like that for something less then a full salary dump??
They were obviously talking to teams early on who lead them to believe it was a possibility. They probably didn't anticipate that Miami and OKC arguing for a week about which team was going to pay for JR's deal before Morey stepped in and blew the entire trade up.

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