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Re: [2020] Team Needs Master List

Posted: Sat Jun 6, 2020 1:27 pm
by NuggetsWY
Love this thread, but as I read through the OP, one thought came to mind:

The NBA has had stretches where defense was emphasized - a little
But offense is what gets the fans interested (true in most sports).
each team should probably begin with "Need defense and ..." :lol:

Denver doesn't list defense in the OP but our coach tends to not play players because of weak defense (except Barton, he'll always play Barton).

The OP says Denver needs "better wings + rotation big" and there's no doubt that's quite true.
I would have said, "backup center" (afraid Plumlee leaves) plus we need half of our young players to become consistent :wink: (Murray, Porter, Harris, Grant, Morris, Bates-Diop, Dozier, Bol) I'd be happy with just two or three of those living up to potential and finally, we need Jokic to be more assertive on the offensive end (my opinion) but his game is what it is and I'll take it all day long.

Re: [2020] Team Needs Master List

Posted: Mon Jun 8, 2020 2:13 pm
by malik959
Good tread, for the Knicks I would love for them to go after Oladepo and sign Woods this offseason. At guard we have quite a few options in the draft with Halliburton, Hayes, and Cole. Randle (puts up some great numbers) does not fit because he is unable to space the floor.

Woods/Patrick Williams

Re: [2020] Team Needs Master List

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 5:43 pm
by Buzzard
getrichordie wrote:
jayu70 wrote:
getrichordie wrote:
Got bored and decided to create a master list of all team needs. It's a rough list, so if anyone wants to debate it, add to it, or thinks something needs to be changed, please feel free to suggest changes. I will do my best to keep it as updated as possible.


atlanta hawks
— defensive-minded 2 + better 2nd string point + better back up 5

1. Hawks are hopeful Cam Reddish is that defensive minded SG. As bad as his offense was to start his early NBA career, his defense kept him on the court. He started putting it together on offense once the calender switched to 2020.
2. Yes to 2nd string PG
3. Dewayne Dedmon is adequate as the backup 5 to Capela.
4. Hawks need a backup PF behind John Collins, none currently on the roster.

Changed back up 5 to "2nd string 4"

I see the Hawks as 7 deep right now:
Trae, Huerter, Reddish, Hunter, Collins, Capela, Dedmon

BU PG is a need
BU PF is a need

They really need a shooter and one defender coming off the bench. I don't care if its a draft pick or free agent acquisition. They can be a PG or PF, even a forward tweener.

Re: [2020] Team Needs Master List

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2020 8:17 pm
by Buzzard
gom wrote:
Mike lorenzo wrote:
gom wrote:Miami's biggest need isn't at wing or point guard, where the team is pretty well served. I expect Miami will keep its young pieces like Nunn & Herro, especially in the face of salary cap constraints. I feel Miami needs a power forward to run next to Adebayo more than help in the backcourt.

I predict this offseason Miami will resign Crowder and Derrick Jones Jr to one-year deals and draft a front court player to develop (C or PF, Precious Achiuwa, Aleksej Pokuševski, Vernon Carey, or Jalen Smith), but Miami's next significant piece should be someone like Giannis or Davis rather than Beal.

I expect Miami to resign Dragic too, so money will be scarce. It's the same everywhere though.

The end goal should be to pair Butler & Adebayo with another key piece.
Gallinari looks very good for miami

Yeah, that's a pretty easy pass for the Heat. Pat opted not to trade for him during the season, so I don't see it happening now.

Besides FVV, I think Dragic is one of the more interesting point guard free agents available. He won't command a huge pay day; but he could command a more long term one than Riley wants to give out. Crowder is MLE territory all day.