Booker goes to Disney World

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Re: Booker goes to Disney World 

Post#21 » by Crives » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:55 pm

Skybox wrote:
aguiar95 wrote:To me Booker is equal to a J. Brown/D. Mitchell, while Lavine is more like a D. Russell/B. Hield.

Based on what? Brown is a very physical and willing defender. Russell isn't a great defender (or elite shooter like Book/Hield) and Hield is an elite shooter with nothing else. I honestly only know what I've seen of each and I don't disagree with your rankings, just wondering if your reasoning is the same. Hield, to me, is the biggest question mark...amazing 3pt shooter, the times I've seen him play-he absolutely avoided defense (granted, a few years ago), got a big deal and BENCHED soon after. Puzzling.

Jaylen Brown scores similar numbers, but I wonder what he'd do in a leading man position, like Booker?

Lavine, also a bundle of questions for me...mostly BBIQ, as he has all of the tools. Why is his value questioned by Chicago fans?

I love Booker's ferocity but I can't say I've seen enough to really evaluate. I suspect I'd value him like I value him to ORL and let him be Harden in front of a defensive wall and he'll put up 30/10.

Bookers all around offensive game is on another level from these guys.

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Re: Booker goes to Disney World 

Post#22 » by darmani » Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:04 pm

Skybox wrote:Someone enlighten me as to why Booker is a superstar while Zach LaVine is “gettable”...nearly identical physical profiles (Zach is a jumping jack tho) and stats. LaVine is a chucker getting empty stats on a losing team while Book is a young star...not hating at all but what makes their (apparent) trade value so different? Is LaVine disruptive or was his coach actually a clown? I’d love either for Orl

No, their stats aren't "nearly identical". There's a huge gap between these 2 in efficiency and playmaking. Out of 12 players who this season averaged at least 25 points per game, Booker (61.7%) ranked 2nd in TS% while LaVine (56.8) was 11th with only Westbrook behind him. In assists per game, the difference between Booker and LaVine is about the same as between LaVine and Poeltl or Chriss.
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Re: Booker goes to Disney World 

Post#23 » by Saberestar » Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:04 pm

Terrible value for Booker, no way the Suns do this trade.

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