[Haynes] Tristan Thompson to Boston

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Re: [Haynes] Tristan Thompson to Boston 

Post#21 » by Texas Chuck » Sun Nov 22, 2020 4:24 pm

cl2117 wrote:Brad Stevens thinks Theis can stretch the floor (he at least gives him the green light to attempt to).

Hope this goes better than the Mavs current 5 year effort to do the same with Dwight Powell....

I love Theis and if he could shoot 34-35% on 4-5 3FGA a game that would be a nice little bonus. But I would much rather have seen them go hard after Gasol or Baynes--both of whom just seem like perfect fits and both of whom seem unlikely to get over the MLE unless their current teams one year balloon them---admittedly likely for Gasol. Or even just Paul Millsap.
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