Merchants for Powell(Dallas)

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Mike lorenzo
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Merchants for Powell(Dallas) 

Post#1 » by Mike lorenzo » Thu Jan 14, 2021 11:32 am

The Mavs start to look very solid, maybe 1 piece from being true contenders ..?
I think the Mavs should move Powell ...
he's a great guy, but seems like he has no place on Mavs with WCS, Maxi, Boban and the return of KP

Hornets need a big one. If they sink and are willing to change Hayward, that would be great.

Powell + Johnson + Green + 2 Future for Hayward .. this gives us, the missing piece.
Gordon drives, shoots and defends at a great level.

Powell + Burke for Rozier

Powell + 2Future Round or Terry for Zeller

Hornets get a 5 ... Mavs removes Dwight from books

Powell + Terry for Ariza (expiring) ..

We get depth in the Wing .. Above all, we left the Powell contract ... we opened space at the limit. options to capture value in FA21 ... (oladipo, Robinson, Trent, Conley etc)

Powell + Johnson + Green for O. Porter + Kornet.

We get an ideal fit (if healthy)

Powell + Brunson for Dinwiddie..

Nets gets depth, following Harden trade Brunson's young, well, cheap ..
Powell fills the 5th after Allen's departure. (Could they do Powell + Jordan for Horford .. ??) .......

Mavs, it seems you liked Dinwiddie (at least press rumors) ... you get your rights ... and they could sign again, next year .. (I guess this could bring JJ back)

Does any trade make sense ... ??
any idea, where to move Powell .. ??
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Re: Merchants for Powell(Dallas) 

Post#2 » by Resistance » Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:29 pm

Dallas will need to include additional incentive if Powell is in a trade that brings back a positive value player.
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Re: Merchants for Powell(Dallas) 

Post#3 » by Apz » Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:34 pm

1. 2 future means? If its 2nds maybe, not if its firsts. If we talking this year im not sure I would want to lose jj, but I would think about it.

2. Wouldnt mind.

3.If its powell + 2 2nds sure

4. Guess its doable, but would prefer to use the salary to trade for more longterm player.

5. Nah, otto is to big of a risk and never liked kornet

6. Dont see a reason. Dinwiddie isnt great, anf is injured and becomes fa and on top of that want to get payed. If we are in a hurry so we have to trade powell this season there is no point to go after a player that will be out this season and atleast part of next. Brunson is good and powell can plqy rotational minutes atleast. Also think brunson is a smarter and better player
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Re: Merchants for Powell(Dallas) 

Post#4 » by KEMBAtheMETEOR » Thu Jan 14, 2021 2:08 pm

In the offseason, I said that #18 should be able to dump Powell for maybe a semi useful expiring. He hasn't exactly done anything to raise his stock so far.
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Re: Merchants for Powell(Dallas) 

Post#5 » by BlazersBroncos » Thu Jan 14, 2021 3:07 pm

It would take more than Powell and 2nds to get Rozier.
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Re: Merchants for Powell(Dallas) 

Post#6 » by daoneandonly » Thu Jan 14, 2021 3:59 pm

The only thing that may be remotely possible is a deal with BKN, and that would be assuming there's no way Dinwiddie signs back with them. I dont think Dal has much use for him nor would I want them to pay him, but getting rid of Powell is as wonderful as Applebee's sizzling caramel apple blondie. I'd even add a Brunson or Tyler swap to entice BKN. It gives them two players who'd fit positions of need. for Dal, Burke is good enough to be Luka's primary backup, so Brunson is expendable, and Tyler can be the insurance as needed. They can essentially waive Dinwiddie and eat that money (or trade him if he has bird rights another team wants), but above all, it stops Carlisle from ever, and I mean ever, playing Powell a-gain.

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