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Post#21 » by Godaddycurse » Sat Jan 15, 2022 3:59 am

zimpy27 wrote:
Godaddycurse wrote:
zimpy27 wrote:
I got a big that can defend the paint, protect the rim and rebound at an elite level being more valuable than a guard that can't playmake and is limited 3+D player on a much more expensive contract.

Gary Trent's Ast/game

Oct: 1.2
Nov: 2.2
Dec: 3.1

I think he is improving in playmaking as well as defense this year. He has much higher upside

He may have upside but he's not there yet and he's actually 23 and in his 4th year. He doesn't have an ideal contract either since he can opt out after next year if he's out-played his contract or he can take the extra year if he's not deserving of it.

And yeah Poeltl is who he is now but I don' have GTJ better than him. Even on the Raps you'd have Poeltl start and GTJ off the bench

Nah Nurse is rolling with a small starting line up with Poeltl 1st off the bench most likely. Closing lineup depends on matchup

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