Instead of more Dukies bring the Pels some Carolina Blue

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Instead of more Dukies bring the Pels some Carolina Blue 

Post#1 » by Texas Chuck » Sat Jan 15, 2022 6:08 am

Harry Barnes


22 NOP 1st(top 4, 15-30 protected, then top 4 for 2 more years then 2 2nds)

Kings get a good lottery pick this year unless the Pels land a top 4 pick and get a look at Hayes. But this is about going for one good pick instead of a couple more marginal ones like the better teams are likely to offer.

Pels need a culture reset in the worst way. So bring in the new Jrue in a guy who plays the right way but more important is the right character guy to provide some stability as Zion/Ingram don't appear to be leaders right now. Then this off-season you go get a legit perimeter player to add to the mix and with a return of Zion you can move right into the middle of the playoff picture in the West and start building something.
MoneyTalks41890 wrote:I think maybe it’s possible you are overrating your teams players and he’s valuing them more objectively?
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Re: Instead of more Dukies bring the Pels some Carolina Blue 

Post#2 » by Mrakar » Sat Jan 15, 2022 7:36 am

Pels need help in backcourt. Frontcourt with Williamson/Ingram/Herb and hopefully Murphy has a bright future.
Spending a pick to get a player we actually dont need is a bad move. Also Hayes finally started looking good in last 10 games, hopefully he can keep it up(i had already gave up on him).
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Re: Instead of more Dukies bring the Pels some Carolina Blue 

Post#3 » by Duke4life831 » Sat Jan 15, 2022 10:02 am

Ya if there is someone to grab from Sac for the Pels its Haliburton. If I was the Pels, Id be offering Murphy and a couple 1sts for Haliburton.

With the emergence of Herb Jones, the Pels really dont need much help up front. Herb finally brings them that 6'7-6'8 legit wing defender, that is something this team has needed since this new era began.

And ya you can get Barnes, move Herb to the bench and he can still get 20+ minutes a game that way. Just think an actual guard would be the much better and far more needed move for this team. This team is 13-9 over their last 22 games and currently only a half a game out of the play in spot. A legit guard could definitely help them get to that play in game and I think is the much more needed move.


Would be a really fun and interesting team to watch for the rest of the year. Then/if Zion comes back this year, just slide Ingram to the 2 and there you go.
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Re: Instead of more Dukies bring the Pels some Carolina Blue 

Post#4 » by lordjeff05 » Sat Jan 15, 2022 1:35 pm

This is an interesting trade and brings up some interesting points overall. First off I know this sounds like a lot of teams say this but internal view vs. the external view is so different regarding where the team is at relative to culture. Willie Green has established a foundation and built trust and developed buy-in. Barnes would be great but we’ve already started to develop that culture and have a lot of high character “try hard” guys.

The thing about Barnes is he’s an ideal compliment to Ingram more than Zion and at some point you wonder if it makes more sense to build around BI, a guy who has shown up and bought rather than Zion, who has higher upside but comes with a growing amount of baggage including the open speculation that he doesn’t want to be here.

Plug Barnes in as a floor spacing switchable 4 next to Herb and BI makes a ton of sense. We lose some playmaking by moving Hart to the bench but improve the spacing for BI.

I still think the biggest need for the team is at point guard, because we still don’t get enough easy shots.
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Re: Instead of more Dukies bring the Pels some Carolina Blue 

Post#5 » by MKWB » Sat Jan 15, 2022 4:03 pm

The rare realistic Pelicans trade!!! So refreshing, good one, Chuck.

This seems like the type of move the team would make right now. Not risking all picks and assets at once, bringing in a seamlessly fitting, high-character vet. Barnes is a starter, and could potentially close games with Zion and BI in small-ball line-ups. Yea it makes more sense to add a guard, but Ingram, Zion and Hart's unique playmaking forward skills gives them some flexibility.

I can understand some Pels fans' hesitation with giving up Hayes when he's just finally showing a consistent stretch of playing high-IQ impactful ball. And I'm sure Pels would like that pick protection closer to the top-10 or top-8 protected range, (or better yet, another future protected pick).

Just for fun:

Jonas /WHG
Zion/ Murphy/ Clark
Barnes/ Hart/ Naji
Ingram / NAW/ Temple
Herb / Graham / Kira / Jose

Closing lineup:


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