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Trade Board Policies 

Post#1 » by KingInExile » Wed Oct 15, 2008 2:00 pm

The following policies will be enforced by the Trade Board moderator team:

1) It goes without saying that all moderators are going to enforce the forum rules, especially with regard to poster conduct. There has been many cases of mild personal attacks between posters, which often bring down the overall quality of discussion in threads. Not everyone is going to agree on every idea (what fun would that be). All we ask, though, is that you debate the disagreements with respect for each other. If necessary, we will request suspensions or bans for posters who consistently do not treat others with respect (even if the idea is laughable). Some of the more common violations of this policy include referring to posters and/or posts as "dumb", 'stupid", "homers", "(Please Use More Appropriate Word)" or labeling an entire fan base instead of addressing the trade idea.

2) You may have noticed an increase in threads being locked when there is no initial discussion offered by the original poster. This is pretty simple policy: threads will be locked if the OP does not take the time or energy to offer their own reasons on why they think the trade is a good idea. Our primary goal is that the Trade board is the place to debate the merits of trade ideas. Threads that do not start out with some basis for debate, some clue to the original idea behind the trade, really makes for poor quality discussion. So, all we ask is that the OP offers some sort of analysis of their own idea. If you don't do want to offer any of your own thoughts on your idea, then you thread does not belong on this board.

3) If you are presenting a specific trade idea, which is the most common type of thread created on the board, we ask that you make sure it abides by the CBA rules. ( Following these trade rules will make for good discussion and increase the knowledge base throughout the board. Related to this policy, if a trade is too unrealistic, and a moderator views that it will not provide for any positive contributions and will lead to several derogatory posts, the thread may be preemptively closed.

We may have more policies to post later. Until then, I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of a couple of policies that we will focus on enforcing.
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