Miami Heat Board Rules (Everyone Must Read)-UPDATED 01/03/18

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Miami Heat Board Rules (Everyone Must Read)-UPDATED 01/03/18 

Post#1 » by GameTime_3 » Wed Apr 28, 2010 5:55 pm

Miami Heat Forum Rules

General Behavior Rules

- No personal attacks or insulting other users(Even if they come trolling, Let the Mod's handle it)
- No spamming.
- No off site links(2010 will be full of info, if you can't copy it, then don't post it)

Please Remember us Mod's only get paid if you guys like us, so please don't kill us for being 5 mins late to the party.

Thread Starting Rules

- Don't start a new thread when there are currently other threads on the front page discussing the same topic( Random Trade Thread, Random Thoughts..Etc)
- If you start a thread and it's locked, than don't start a new thread asking why it was locked.

Posters from Other Forums

-Please remember that you are a guest on this board and you may not get away with saying the same stuff here( Ala...Wade is gone!, I hope Riley leaves before he signs someone) Stuff like that will get you suspended or even banned from the site

-Heat Fans, please remember to treat everyone with respect, if they come and ask a question with no evil agenda, respond back. This is a forum, everyone has a right to speak.

Mod's if you would like to add anything please do.

(Lane edition)

Fans of other teams: if you come here, remember to treat the Heat board like a sports bar in Miami. Don't come by to talk trash, or be a smartass, or irk the fanbase and expect sympathy. If you think what you may be doing is may be approaching crossing a line, DO NOT POST IT. Think how you'd like it if someone came on your board and acted like you are about to.

If a Heat poster should try causing problems on your board, report their posts and let your mods handle it.
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UPDATE - 11/21/14 

Post#2 » by heat4life » Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:03 pm


The posting of what might be considered offensive images is getting a bit out of hand. Using the "Spoilers" tag when posting these images does not make it OK either and is needless to mention that it is a violation of the TOS. Heat fan or not, warnings will be issued if it persists.

Let's also keep in mind that there are lady posters on our boards. Let's have some consideration. I understand that the majority of posters are males but I must emphasize that we need to keep it in good taste and respectful of others, especially the ladies. PLEASE keep this in mind when posting images.

We want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves but avoid having to tippi toe the line of what is OK and what is not OK. It's simple, do not post a picture you feel your mother, sister, wife/girlfriend or daughter would be offended by.
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Re: Miami Heat Board Rules (Everyone Must Read)-UPDATED 11/21/14 

Post#3 » by DayofMourning » Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:11 pm

Hello everyone,

I know that many of you never read the board rules, so we're going to bring these down and sticky them for a bit so that they can serve as a refresher for proper board behavior.

A few things we'd like to touch upon are the use of "racy" pictures of women. Everyone loves a good looking lady, but we're not trying to push the boundaries of acceptance on these boards. Like heat4life stated earlier, if you wouldn't show the pictures you want to post to your wife, girlfriend, mother, etc., then these forums aren't the appropriate place either. "Charms" are okay, just think about their explicitness before posting them, and in good taste ALWAYS use a spoiler.

Also, when you're responding to other posters who've done a great job in posting their thoughts in 1000 words or more, ALWAYS use a spoiler to encapsulate their thoughts so that the boards don't become a big scrollfest just to get to the meat of the reply.....a three word reply...Its not easy to navigate the boards, especially on a mobile device, when you have to scroll past huge blocks of text in order to read a response.

This is a spoiler tag. Use it when responding to multiple messages or huge blocks of text.

Finally, we've noticed some aggressive posting surface recently and we wanted to point out that this is not acceptable. If you have "beef" with another poster then you can PM them, or choose not to reply, or even put them on ignore. Do not make these message boards your canvas to show everyone your immaturity. I will suspend you. Other mods will suspend you. If your posts read, '**** **** **** ****", then you're probably doing something wrong. Edit your post, and make it happy. Everyone will benefit.

Please take the time to read the comments made by GT3 and h4l. They are an appropriate reference to help manage your posting etiquette.

Thanks guys!

P.S. If you have any concerns then just PM one of us mods. We love these boards and want to make them great.
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Re: Miami Heat Board Rules (Everyone Must Read)-UPDATED 01/03/18 

Post#4 » by MettaWorldPanda » Thu Jan 4, 2018 1:02 am

Hey fellow Heat fans,
We have decided to establish some basic rules about posting a game thread (GT) so that we are all on the same page.

1) Winning OP has at least 24 hours to post next game’s GT (unless Heat play a game next day, in this case please post next GT by noon next day (EST) or let us know if you are unable to post next GT for some reason)

2) No hi-jacking OP is allowed while winning OP is getting ready to post next GT (no exceptions, hi-jacking GT will be locked by mods and considered invalid). Mods will inform the board if winning OP is unable to post next GT and then anyone can post next GT on first come first served basis.

3) After a Heat loss, next OP is decided on first come first served basis. Premature OP/GT will be considered invalid and locked by mods (no exceptions)

4) GT title should include opponent’s team name, date, tip-off time in EST (mods will edit the title if information is not sufficient)

5) Follow the Miami Heat Board rules in GT (General Behavior Rules, posting of images, all of the general rules apply here for both OP and non-OP posters)

Additionally, we’ve noticed some aggressive posting recently especially when it comes to trade proposal type posts within and even outside of the trade thread. Please follow the general Miami Heat Board rules and be respectful to posters opinions and/or suggestions. You’re not allowed to resort to personal attacks or insults if you happen to not like a trade proposal. No matter how far fetched a trade proposal may be or if your favorite player is involved you are not allowed to attack the poster in any way. Avoid responses for example "That trade is awful", "Be realistic", or "Why would the other team accept such a stupid trade". It is best to just ignore a proposal that does not meet your liking if you do not have have anything productive to add to the conversation. Mods will not hesitate to issue warnings or suspensions if we continue to see these types of replies so post accordingly.

Thanks for your cooperation in advance,

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