Welcome Meyers Leonard

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Re: Welcome Meyers Leonard 

Post#21 » by Malapropism » Mon Jul 22, 2019 9:18 pm

abark wrote:
BonesJones wrote:Wait, the OP says hes a good rim protector and blocks a lot of shots?

He had 0 blocks in 2017-2018 in 250 minutes, and had 9 blocks last year in almost 900 minutes. His defense is bad.

He can hit shots... when he decides to shoot them. He passes up great looks constantly. Hes an extremely frustrating player.

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Yeah he only averages 0.7 blocks per36. But our team was #7 in Drtg and #21 in threes made last year. If we can get him comfortable with having the green light, I think he can be a good fit despite his limitations.

Meyers has had the greenest of green lights to shoot for about 3 seasons. Terry Stotts has visibly gotten mad at Leonard for passing up open shots. It's just how he is.

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