2019 Heat Offseason thread 4.0- Yimmy and the Kids!

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Re: 2019 Heat Offseason thread 4.0- Yimmy and the Kids! 

Post#1961 » by Flash4thewin » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:02 pm

Paul is the head of the players union, thats something that has not been mention yet. Because of that position and optics, no way will Paul decline that players option. Paul comes cheap trade wise but with his monster contact. We where able to get Butler without cap space thanks to Wade and his influencing and our front office. It would seem odd that we let Paul 3rd year be the deal breaker. He will make Bam and Herro better ( Winslow no clue, most likely traded to be honest or first player off the bench) .
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Re: 2019 Heat Offseason thread 4.0- Yimmy and the Kids! 

Post#1962 » by fishfuego. » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:45 pm

batterybro42 wrote:CP3 will be good for this team if we land him, really hope we do

He's an experienced savy PG who like Butler fits into our culture as an intense competitor. I watch a lot of CP3, I have for years, he's disgustingly underrated in my books a top 5 PG of all time.

PG is a weird position, because when you are a true one it does not always show up in the box score based on what your team is trying to accomplish. I expect Paul to average somewhere close to 18/10 here, and really make life easy for Jimmy Butler, Bam, and be huge in the development of Tyler Herro, as he will create easy opportunities for all 3.

What this does for Bam and Herro can't be understated, Bam will get a steady diet of easy looks inside, and be able to use his leaping ability on lobs, and be fed regularly when he has position. For Herro this a dream come true, as he will be able to ease into his NBA career with an elite passer capable of finding him off screens, or in transition for easy looks.

With the spacing we can put around Paul, a dynamic big in Bam, and another alpha in Butler, I really feel like this team will be tremendously balanced offensively, capable of attacking defenses at all 3 levels.

I would venture to say that this team would be better than what we have seen from Paul's Rockets, and immediately becomes a top 3 team in the East

Oh yeah, CP(3) is a better PG that anything we currently have, of that I have no doubt, but for how long? 34 years of age is no joke when looking at $40 million for a 38 year old man basketball wise, yes 38 still young life wise but we are talking NBA here.
That is my only concern. As far as teaching the youngins? Well there is plenty of means at a team’s reach such as an shooting coach during off season etc. A mentor comes from a winning all player such as a Wade etc. No need to pay $40 millions for that. All I’m saying is that the future long term concerns me with the CP3 deal. Yes I have seen him play going back to before he was a rookie.
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Re: 2019 Heat Offseason thread 4.0- Yimmy and the Kids! 

Post#1963 » by batterybro42 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:52 pm

This is what CP3 can still do, and what he looks like when Harden was not out there killing the offense

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