After Wade, how many all-stars have the Heat drafted/developed?

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Re: After Wade, how many all-stars have the Heat drafted/developed? 

Post#21 » by AirP. » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:56 pm

Maroko wrote:Sam Presti is considered like one of the best GM, he drafted well but for what results ?

He's keeping a small market relevant with some really nice moves, if the NBA didn't have the spike in the cap(which they were arguing about for a couple of years between a spike and smoothing) OKC probably doesn't lose KD which also means they would have signed Horford and had a starting lineup of Westbrook, Oladipo, KD, Horford and Adams. Had KD stayed in OKC and won a championship there he'd be seen how he's been wanting to be seen instead of being a great talent add on for an all-time great team.

What New York could do if they had Presti with little to no input from Dolan.

Also, it's really, really hard to win a championship although Toronto caught a lot of breaks, GS being beyond just injured and during the Philly series multiple games of Embiid being sick, not injured.

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