Do you want CP3 on our team?

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Do you want Westbrook on our team?

Yes, he is an upgrade over Dragic. We are talking about CP3 man, CP3! AllStar : you trade for him
No, man he is old, washed, easily injuried have you seen his contract ? Dragic way better lol?
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Re: Do you want CP3 on our team? 

Post#21 » by TroubleS0me » Tue Jul 16, 2019 10:14 pm

unowen85 wrote:If Riley can unload Dragic, Waiters, Johnson straight up for Chris Paul, he should just go for it. As others have said, Paul is a force multiplier, he will make Herro, Winslow, and Bam better. He will put us in contention for home court in the playoffs. The ceiling could be Eastern conference finals. And if we can get to eastern conference finals, anything can happen when you have two legit stars on the roster. 2021 is a pipe dream. Pull the trigger, Riley.

great deal. & we get to keep Herro, Winslow, and Bam Bam.
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Re: Do you want CP3 on our team? 

Post#22 » by KingDavid » Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:10 am

Only if he comes with Bradley Beal.

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Re: Do you want CP3 on our team? 

Post#23 » by Hoops23 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:59 am

kobewade11 wrote:
Hoops23 wrote:I voted NO. At this point with Beal having interest with the Heat that has cap space in 2021, its a big no.
CP3 will earn $44m in his 3rd yr at age 37, thats terrible! Massive over pay for an injury prone with character issues.

Does Beal have interest in the Heat or do the Heat have interest in Beal?

I dont exactly know the facts, and no ones know that unless your an insider.
But reports says, there is a mutual interest between Miami and Beal. Google it for you to see.

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