It's only been about 5 years...

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Re: It's only been about 5 years... 

Post#41 » by HeatFanSince87 » Wed Oct 14, 2020 4:40 pm

heat4life wrote:
HeatFanSince87 wrote:What the heck, I'm back too. I been using Twatter for years as my NBA/Heat/Sports "forum" but over time it's become more and more toxic of a place (At least IMO), I deactivated my account.

Kinda stinks I missed out on being in here during what was the 03-04 run on Steroids and HGH(like Bron is), but regardless I'll be back more. I started on this site back when I think "NBA Talk" was purchased by RealGM, granted I'm not sure if that's what happened but I remember that's where I started back in the late 90s then ended up on here.

Good to hear from you HFS87. I also was a migrant. Actually ESPN bought and their forums were trash. At that time RealGM was an up-and-coming site with THE ONLY trade machine available on the internet. used the trade machine as a reference all the time. Then ESPN buys that platform and many users migrated to RealGM forums while others suffered to years of pain with ESPN and their garbage. RealGM was and still is a well moderated site and has built a community of solid contributors throughout the years. Even Jonathan Givony (CheezeDoodle) was a RealGMer and frequent poster in the Heat forums before he built DraftExpress and became a ESPN draft expert.

Good to see some old timers in here.

WOW, I remember all that. SportsTalk was great, then I remember it absolutely sucked once ESPN bought it. :nod:

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