NBA Playoffs Game 2: Miami Heat @ Milwaukee Bucks (1-0 MIL) 5/24 7:30PM EST

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Re: NBA Playoffs Game 2: Miami Heat @ Milwaukee Bucks (1-0 MIL) 5/24 7:30PM EST 

Post#541 » by heat4life » Wed May 26, 2021 4:34 pm

Shewasfly wrote:Jimmy is not secretly injured. He is being locked up by Giannis. People have figured out that if you put size/length on Jimmy, he has problems. Especially if he can't bully that person physically.

The reason I'm somewhat letting Jimmy breathe for his **** performance though is I understand that he needs his second guy to act as a "release valve" of sorts, to take the pressure off of him a bit and move the defense. And Bam is just failing in every regard at that, despite the fact that he is wide the **** open.

This series only turns around if Spo makes serious adjustments and Bam gets aggressive and starts hitting his damn open shots.


Butler is having trouble with Giannis length and strength, same issue as last year's finals when Lakers put AD on Butler after he went off on them. This is where Dedmon/Bam front court can help because it removes Giannis from Butler defensively. But the bottom line is that it will only work if Bam and another guard on the court (Dragic? Duncan? Herro? Nunn?) are scoring concerns to their defense. Otherwise, they will continue to pack the paint as they did in Game 2 and dare them to take uncomfortable shots.

Spo can make all the adjustments he wants but if Bam and the rest of the cast are not hitting shots, not much is going to change.

Well said.

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