MIAMI HEAT Offseason Thread 2021 Vol.5 - What Time Is It?

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Re: MIAMI HEAT Offseason Thread 2021 Vol.5 - What Time Is It? 

Post#201 » by AirP. » Yesterday 12:25 pm

RexBoyWonder wrote:meh

Just hoping he doesn't take minutes away from our development players.

Development happens OUTSIDE of games, it's why young players' leaps are usually seen at the beginning of a season after working on their games in the summer.
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Re: MIAMI HEAT Offseason Thread 2021 Vol.5 - What Time Is It? 

Post#202 » by MettaWorldPanda » Yesterday 2:03 pm

I don't mind the Caleb Martin signing. Not very often you can sign a player with NBA experience into that 2 way slot. He comes off as a DJJ type of find on the cheap. Much like DJJ he struggles with his three point shot but has room to improve. Coming in at 6'5-6(in shoes) 210 very much like DJJ size wise will mostly play the wing 3 spot and be asked to play a lock down defensive role. Caleb has extreme explosion to the basket and has the ability to score off the dribble. Scoring off the dribble is something that DJJ had problems with so consider Martin an upgrade in that department. On the defensive end Caleb comes in with a very strong 6'10 wingspan. I also like the way he does not get pushed around in the post by slightly bigger wings.

Crazy how I remember Caleb Martin having a big game against us once upon a time ago. Guessing he made a good impression with the Heat staff when he put 19 and 7 on us proving to be a major pain in the ass in that game.

DJJ style power dunker. Not a wimp like KZ report

NBA Comparison: Dorell Wright
Strengths: Possesses prototypical NBA wing size with good length … Is a dangerous 1-on-1 scorer that is capable of creating space for himself either with a midrange post up or with a quick jab step … Is a high level shooter and scorer that can fill it up when he gets it going … Proved to be a clutch late game performer in his junior year at Nevada … A smooth, fluid athlete that looks comfortable out on the court … Makes crisp cuts to where he wants to get the basketball … Often sneaks passes past defenders at odd angles made possible by his reputation as a scorer … Very good communication skills on both ends of the court – takes charge and directs teammates on both offense and defense … Has a good understanding of spacing offensively and defensively … Is able to anticipate and get in position for rebounds … Shot over 40% from the college 3 on a good volume (2.8 makes per game) proving that he’s a above average outside shooter. He’ll need to prove that he can successfully extend his range to bring the same long range value to an NBA team … With his expereince and age, is more ready than a number of other prsoepcts …

Weaknesses: As the age of a senior (turning 23 in September), his upside is diminished in the eyes of scouts, impacting his stock to a degree … Shooting form is less than ideal as he doesn’t get much elevation, has a bit of a hitch, tends to fall away, and doesn’t have a consistent release point … Has a tendency to force his offense or pass into traffic … Ina word, he’s a bit erratic in his style of play for an older player … Hasn’t met a shot he doesn’t like, resulting in stretches of poor shot selection … Doesn’t set up his cuts well prior to cutting, making it easier for defenders to keep up with him despite his hard cuts … Allows the ball to get significant separation from his body when handling the ball and looking to drive … Relies heavily on iso situations to manufacture offense … Defensively he has a wide base, opening himself up to getting out of position and/or getting in foul trouble … .

Outlook: Projects to be a dangerous scoring (likely bench) weapon for a team … He has his warts as a player, but in the right system could find himself developing into a high level player … Played on a Nevada team with little bench production, in the NBA will not have to worry about conserving energy in order to play the vast majority of the game … This could result in a more polished all-around playing style at the next level …

Eric Yearian 5/8/18

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