JS: Skiles Comments on Tobias

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Re: JS: Skiles Comments on Tobias 

Post#76 » by El Duderino » Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:28 pm

coolhandluke121 wrote:
crkone wrote:Does this team REALLY need an efficient scorer who can create his own offense from the post? I mean it's not like the Bucks will have to play any half court offense with the swag duo we have runnin' and gunnin'. In fact, we should try to trade Harris for Crawford or Terry and really get a good trifecta going.

They don't really need another gunner though. They just need a specialist of some sort who will play defense. Once Ersan and Ellis find their stroke a little bit, even if they're below career norms, the offense will be okay. Dalembert provides some offense as well. Ersan can stretch the floor, so they can easily incorporate a rebounder and defender who scores only garbage points inside at sf. Moute is perfect.

I'm guessing that Skiles will end up using Luc in a fairly erratic fashion from game to game, depending on a variety of factors. Who we are playing against. How certain guys on the Bucks are playing on a given night. How Moute is playing during a game.

Thus i can see him getting 20 plus minutes one night and under 10-15 the next night. That's how i'd use him off the bench. Game flow. Matchups. How certain Bucks players are doing in a given game.
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Re: JS: Skiles Comments on Tobias 

Post#77 » by Ayt » Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:26 am

crkone wrote:
coolhandluke121 wrote:
N8Frog wrote:But for me, the team is currently 5th in defense and in the bottom half for offense. The numbers clearly state we need better offense which is something Tobias can provide and is doing so efficiently albeit a little more limited touches. But the #'s lead me to believe we need more offense, which equals more Tobias than Moute for me.

I can't even get my head around that logic. Just because they're not good on offense means that the only way to improve is with better offensive players? The fact is that any personnel change that improves their scoring margin will also improve their record over the course of the season. Even if you're already the best defensive team in NBA history, improving your defense by 2 ppg will result in the same number of project additional wins as improving your offense by 2 ppg would. Have synergy and an identity and you're good. Moute would provide more of that in the starting lineup, whereas Harris is just wasting away on offense and giving away points on defense.

But even if Harris is hanging around the corner behind the 3pt line, he is still dragging out the wing defender. No defender in there right mind will stay anywhere near LRMAM out there. And if LRMAM is in the post, he is clogging it up for Ellis' or Jennings' drive and kick or floater. I wanted to start LRMAM with Harris at the 2/3, but we don't need LRMAM's defense right now. We need Skiles to get Harris the ball 10x a game in the post.

Exactly. It isn't just about the individual scoring difference. It is how they score. You have to guard Tobes. You don't have to guard Moute unless he's at the rim.
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Re: JS: Skiles Comments on Tobias 

Post#78 » by raferfenix » Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:50 am

Skiles of all coaches will find time for our team's best defender.

That is, if he remains our best defender after these injuries and him not being in shape and everything.

I'm hoping Dunlevy will be able to cut it at the 2. Provided that's the case then Moute will easily take Daniels' minutes, and allow us to bench Ellis when he's playing too erratically.

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