Brandon Jennings: Eastern Conference Player of Week

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Re: Brandon Jennings: Eastern Conference Player of Week 

Post#91 » by Baddy Chuck » Fri Jan 18, 2013 2:13 am

We'll see I guess.

You want to go by skill and talent (what an all-star should be), then Irving and Holiday should get in.
You want to go by team record along with skill level, Williams and Holiday should get in.
You want to go in on team expectations, talent level etc, I'm not sure how it's not Irving and Holiday again, nobody thought Cleveland would be good.

When factoring in everything my selections would go Irving, then Holiday, then Jennings, then Williams. When you are talking about teams like the Nets or us in this weak East I'm just not sure how records come into play, our records aren't that great. In my opinion if we were at like Indy level and at like 8-10 games over .500 that's when you can start factoring team record when the skill factor isn't even close.

If I put money on it I'd say Irving, Holiday or Williams make it over Jennings though. Irving has the star power and is the young stud in the NBA, Holiday has just been way to solid and Williams would be Brooklyns only shot at an all-star, which the NBA might hand them.
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