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Re: OT | Official Fitness & Health Thread 

Post#641 » by 0BobLobLaw0 » Tue Apr 21, 2020 2:59 am

More fit. More dog walks, time to go jogging again, no random Thursday night beer and wings specials.

I also took up fasting every Monday starting the new year and I love it. It's not that difficult to do, and it kind of negates any weekend garbage you eat/drink....which also has gone down since being quarantined.
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OT | Official Fitness & Health Thread 

Post#642 » by steger_3434 » Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:54 pm

So I’ve been running around 30 miles a week at a 7:30/mile pace and biking around 80 miles a week averaging around 19 mph. Am totally losing muscle mass though. Before gyms were shut down I was benching 245 on my last set 10 times. I’m willing to bet I couldn’t do 205 right now on my last set.

Also an “essential” employee and in the last 40 days because of this pandemic I’ve only had 1 day off of work. Easter Sunday. I basically work 10 hour days every day including weekends, get cardio in, eat dinner with the wife, then go to bed to do it all over again. Mentally I’m shut down from working 39 out of the last 40 days

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