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Post#1 » by GRADEN » Fri Apr 3, 2020 4:04 pm

Amazing deals today with 4 young players...

Extensions for Highmore and Lankanen... 2 years each at low money deals. Highmore is 21 and KL is 24. Lankanen will most likely battle Delia and perhaps an extended Subban for the backup spot next season. Highmore proved he is a useful and hardworking bottom 6 winger. Both of these deals are awesome.

Now some great news: PSU Jr Center Evan Barratt signs his EL deal! Once upon a time the 3rd rounder was a freshman and was likely headed towards wing and being a middle tier prospect with marginal ambitions. His sophomore season was a huge turning point and the last 2 years in college made him very intriguing. He could be a worthy investment and had nearly 80 points and plus 31 in the last 2 collegiate years.

RW Altybarmakian is a Russian right wing that has good size... his stats don’t jump out at all and to me at least I don’t see it. He may be a decent bottom line physical player, but hard to tell right now.

Obviously the big news is the no news on Mitchell... come on SB / JM!!!

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