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Season Wrap! / Sweep Discussion

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Season Wrap! / Sweep Discussion 

Post#1 » by GRADEN » Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:46 pm

Welllllll shoot

TBH I was like utoh that's a pretty crappy 1/8 especially when you see Calgarys roster.

I'm not surprised, more so at the 13-3 and 4-0 result. Subban annoyed Toews, Josi sped through neutral zone, and P-Lav absolutely dominated Qs gameplans

Positives: I thought Kruger went all out every second he was out there... he exerted so much energy I was super impressed.

Negatives: Kemps playoff debut was cringe worthy... he was totally lost and had no clue out there.

Overall we looked uncomfortable with their NZ figure eights and we were totally hesitant with every pass

Future still bright, especially when u consider we broke in 6 rookies that now have experience... also schmaltzy must be at C / totally not effective at wing.

Draft up next / need Dmen!!!

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