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Post#1 » by GRADEN » Wed Jul 25, 2018 4:23 pm

Ok so again we saw a summer go by with no cap spaces and hard decisions brought on by past spending... Just like with Bickel, we saw Stan attach a good young player (this time Vinnie Hinostroza) with a cap hit deal (Hossa). The deal itself wasn’t as earth shattering as losing TT though (he finally turned it on) as we basically lost Vin and traded a 3rd for a 5th. Oesterle is meh, he was OK and already 30 so to me it’s whatever. The 2 guys we got back in Marcus Kruger and Andrew Campbell are of little push as both guys are nearing their career ends. Kruger will be a great locker room guy as always, but his TOI and games played will likely be minimal. Campbell is a career minors guy and is simply a worst case scenario insurance plan. Jordan Maletta isn’t appealing to me as he is likely in his prove it or lose it season. The guy Entwistle though is a different case. The Canadian winger has size, a great frame, makes quick decisions, and really improved this season for Hamilton. He was an early 3rd two drafts ago but is playing above that right now. With added UB strength I could see him in that 6’3 205 range by age 21. So basically the deal is Az takes on money and loses Entwistle while getting Hinostroza and moving up 2 rounds next draft. Actually a deal we won... Pacioretty / Skinner on 1 years next?

So what do we have this season?

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