2016 Off Season rumors/signings/discussion

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2016 Off Season rumors/signings/discussion 

Post#1 » by Mr Swagtastic » Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:43 pm

First of all I apologize to all my fellow Wings fans for not being that active. I will try to do a lot better this year.

The Stamkos deal appears to be dead in the water, Stamkos has agreed to return to Tampa Bay and I think for the money he was asking I am glad he didn't come here. He is a great talent but I don't think he takes us for a good team to a cup contender by himself.

The targets I would look at are:

1) Kyle Okposo RW - he will be highly sought after, he would bring us a 20-30 goal scorer and a good playmaker on the wing (no pun intended). I read a article that we are in the top 5 teams that he would agree to go to. I think he gets a good deal like 5 years at $6.5-$7 per year.

2) Milan Lucic RW - Love him or hate him, there is no doubting he is a good hockey player when he wants to be. He is the classic example of a power forward. The thing we are lacking is size and toughness and Milan Lucic solves both issues. I don't expect him to the be the 30 goal scorer he was in Boston when they had their cup run. But I could see him being a 20-40-60 type of player who will protect guys like Zetterberg/Larkin..etc I could see a 5-6 year deal at somewhere in the $6 million per year range maybe as much as $7 million per year depending on who signs him

3) Kris Russell D - He can block a ton of shots and is the classic stay at home defenseman who can log a ton of minutes for us. I don't expect a ton of money thrown at him maybe a 4 year deal at $5-$6 million.

4) Mikkel Boedker LW - He is a gifted offensive player but he is a restricted free agent meaning that The Avs can match what we offer and as much as I would love to see him in a Red Wings uni and screw over Colorado I can't see him going cheap. He would look great on the first line though.

5) Jiri Hudler LW/C - I will admit I have a special spot in my hockey heart for Hudler because I was at his draft in Toronto and got to meet Scottie Bowman. I think Hudler has matured into a very good two way player but is a bit injury prone. He is still a good offensive player but for some reason I could see him signing a cheaper deal to go to a cup contender

6) Frans Nielsen C - He is a good 2nd or 3rd C to have, he will not wow you with his play but he is a steady 20-30-50+ type of player who is a workhorse. I have read a article that Kenny Holland is very interested in Frans Nielsen since Snow said that they are not looking to retain him. I can see a 3-4 year deal in the $5 million per year range.

That leaves the top 6 guys I think we have the best shot at this off season, I expect to see one of Jimmy Howard or Petr Mrázek to be traded this off season. I think Petr Mrázek would take a ton to get at this point and time though.
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Re: 2016 Off Season rumors/signings/discussion 

Post#2 » by Renegade » Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:13 pm

More than a year since the last post. No one comes here I guess.

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