Ben Simmons for the No. 1 Pick?

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Would you trade the No. 1 pick, Culver, Johnson, Spellman, and Evans for Ben Simmons?

Yes, in heart beat. All NBA defender and 3rd star to pair with KAT & DLo
No, giving too much and Simmons can't shoot
Total votes: 58

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Re: Ben Simmons for the No. 1 Pick? 

Post#181 » by Killboard » Tue Oct 13, 2020 8:04 pm

UnFadeable21 wrote:
Killboard wrote:
UnFadeable21 wrote:
A replacement for Paul in 2 seasons or they could go Anthony Edwards.

Yes, get a better fit for Embiid now and get a high upside player with 9 years of control on a moderate contract. Still think they could send the 1st and Horford to OKC and clean up the financial mess they made.

Zero chance Okc take Horford’s 3 years 81 million for only a 1st. Kevin OConner says Okc doesn’t want bad money and maximum flexibility for 2021.

Maybe Philadelphia has to send more picks/assets. If I was OKC I would take bad money/assets a year or two and reload as hard as I can to maximize my own picks.

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