The Leandro Bolmaro thread

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Re: The Leandro Bolmaro thread 

Post#61 » by mercgold3 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:51 am

KGdaBom wrote:
mercgold3 wrote:This is cool from Manu

Read on Twitter

For those who speak Spanish. Something about 24th in the draft. He was only one off. Can somebody translate.

Read on Twitter

He was so excited that he made a mistake with he number of the pick.

He says how proud he is for another Argentinan being drafted and how the Timberwolves are going to be a team to watch and support from now on because of those 2.
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Re: The Leandro Bolmaro thread 

Post#62 » by younggunsmn » Sun Nov 22, 2020 1:20 am

KGdaBom wrote:
younggunsmn wrote:Lessort and the DET 2nd are going to the Knicks.

Hopefully Bolmaro blows up and becomes at least a nice tradeable asset.
He looks pretty raw right now offensively, but the defense projects well.

I love his relentless attacking offense. I believe he's an excellent prospect both offensively and defensively.

I would agree, but his shot is really broken, he needs a lot of work on it.
If he can improve it he could have a future as a switchable wing. Right now you don't even have to guard him out there.
He has a tendency to dribble himself into trouble, typical for a young player but correctable.

His defense and size as a switchable wing would play in the league right now.
He also passes well with both hands, which is an impressive skill.
I'm not as bullish on him until he fixes his shot/shot mechanics.
Hopefully he can get 2 more years of seasoning and come over or play well and really boost his trade value.

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