Lumber Joe, Joey Moses, Beef Jerky Joe - The Official Joe Harris Thread

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Re: Lumber Joe, Joey Moses, Beef Jerky Joe - The Official Joe Harris Thread 

Post#661 » by gigantes » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:43 pm

ecuhus1981 wrote:
Papi_swav wrote:lol u should see the T&T board, these guys are trying to trade him for end of the bench scrubs :lol:

Why the hell didn't we give this guy a 4 year deal :oops: :banghead:

It's the same reason we gave Spencer two years, with a third-year player option. The player has to agree to the deal as much as the team.

We sacrificed long-term security of tying those guys up, in order to have additional cap space this summer. Sure, it would be nice to have both of those guys locked up through 2022, but the number it would have taken to convince them to sign for four years would have made signing Durant and Irving impossible.

Harris and Dinwiddie would not have taken four-year deals at their current salary numbers, and they know that if they play well they will have much richer contracts when they hit free agency next time.

Thank you for those last two posts. I hadn't thought as deeply about this stuff, and the comments were both enlightening for me.

I guess overall, some very nice signs of Marks playing the long game instead of careening from decision to decision like... some other NYC team, for example.

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