Final Report Cards 2019-2020 Season

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Final Report Cards 2019-2020 Season 

Post#1 » by Stone » Thu Sep 3, 2020 2:28 pm

Jarrett Allan: Final Grade A....He has shown consistent improvement. A very smart high IQ player, doesn't get to up or down. Si Se Puede (Yes we can)

Wilson Chandler: C Minus......Showed some glimpses during the season, but nothing to write home about.

Nicolas Claxton: Incomplete. Has anyone heard anything about his surgery? And why he had it done in July. I have heard everything from Nic being one of the greatest 2ND round picks of all time, to him being out of the league in a few years. I am rooting for him 100%. I also have to give a plug to my sons instagram Nic Claxton fan page called Vilclax.

Spencer Dinwiddie: B+......Spencer said he spent 20 days in bed because of Covid 19. I hope he does not suffer after effects.

KD: Incomplete

Joe Harris: C+ Sean Marks, pay the man!!

Kyrie: B.....What more can you say then , he wants to be here and win us a chip.

Deandre: C+.....A strong leader and locker room presence.

Rodi: C-.......He showed some promising play throughout the season. But I believe his court date in November will determine if he can get that albatross off his shoulders and get back to working and improving on his craft.

Caris: B......Horrific start, strong comeback. Which player shows up next season?

TLC: B.....Showed some promising play in the bubble. Good shooter but makes some head scratching mistakes.

Musa: D

Pinson: D.....In hindsight I would have liked to see Theo with us in the bubble. Best of luck to him with the Knicks

Prince: C.....He did the best you could ask of him playing out of position.

Cheese: C .....Good energy guy, deadly when hot. Sometimes a liability

Tyler Johnson: C+......I liked a lot of what I saw in the bubble. I would not mind seeing him back with us next season.

J Martin: D

Justin Anderson: D

Donta Hall: D

Crawford: D for Disappointed, I wanted to see him in a Nets uniform on the court.

Jacque Vaughn: B....How much is fair to ask of a guy with the hand he was given?

Nets Team: I'm tempted to say incomplete, but if I had to give a grade I would say C+. We made the 7TH seed again, did better than many people thought in the bubble and that is Brooklyn Grit!
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Re: Final Report Cards 2019-2020 Season 

Post#2 » by ecuhus1981 » Fri Sep 4, 2020 4:52 am

Thanks for starting this, Stone. I like the idea. Here are my takes, I share many takeaways from the season:

DURANT - Incomplete

IRVING - A-/Incomplete - he was an offensive marvel, for the limited time he played. He showed great leadership on and off the court, and I love that he returned to the team he rooted for as a kid. His defense is worse than advertised, I hope that a savvier system hides those flaws and an offseason of watching top teams encourages Ky to put more consistent effort in on that end.

DINWIDDIE - B+ - a tenacious slasher and clever passer, he carried us with All-Star caliber performances a for a stretch, so the grade may seem harsh. His defense was picked on by opposing 2nd units, THAT'S a problem. His off-ball skill and efficiency needs to improve, to carve out a role in closing units next season.

LEVERT - B- - he really does flash a rare kind of star potential, though at 26 you really wish he'd put more energy into off-ball, role-player efficiency. His overall defense is better than Joe or Spencer, though he gets And1 mixtape'd way more often than you'd like. Improving dribble-drive, but still woefully inefficient at converting in the lane and/or getting to the stripe. Weak FT% started to rattle him.

ALLEN - B - I'm pleased with his progress, though I feel he's been sharpening skills in a time where most players add to their skill set. Added strength has helped him finish through contact a bit, but his passive mindset allows opponents to sag off and zone up the rest of our team. Regressing as a rim protector and FT shooter, improving as a passer.

JORDAN - C - great personality off the court, but on it he's past his prime. His defense was unconscionable at times, system fit or no. Smart passer and a vocal leader.

HARRIS - B- - he improved from terrible to subpar defensively, and diversified his offensive repertoire. Quiet, steady

PRINCE - C- - I give TLC a pass for playing out of position for us, so I can't give Taurean a D. He doesn't belong at the 4, at all. He took advantage of the carte blanche our coaching staff gave him to shoot, and he put up some stinkers. Advanced metrics say he's one of the best man-to-man defenders in the league, but his team D is awful. That passes the eye test.
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Re: Final Report Cards 2019-2020 Season 

Post#3 » by gigantes » Sat Sep 5, 2020 4:37 am

Stone wrote:Nicolas Claxton: Incomplete. Has anyone heard anything about his surgery? And why he had it done in July.

He had it done June 24th actually, although it's true that was a long time after the original injury of March 6th. Sounds like one of those cases where there was a chance the injury could heal on its own, but that didn't wind up happening, hence the delay in surgery.

Nic says very little about the surgery on his twitter, but he's indeed projected to be ready for next season. Which gets underway... November 10th, currently. I.e. training camps.

Spencer Dinwiddie: B+......Spencer said he spent 20 days in bed because of Covid 19. I hope he does not suffer after effects.

Wow, twenty days is a pretty long stretch to be stuck in bed. That sounds like a significant case, and much rougher than the one I had. Just goes to show nobody's automatically immune due to youth and overall health.

The fallout of CV19 is still somewhat mysterious, but from what I understand, the harder it hits you, the more damage done across various organs in your body (including the lungs of course), and the more micro blood clots formed across the circulatory system. Who knows how his case manifests exactly, but I would think there's a chance he suffers some drop in stamina as a consequence. We'll just have to see.

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