Back away from the ledge....

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Re: Back away from the ledge.... 

Post#21 » by ecuhus1981 » Tue Jan 5, 2021 7:50 pm

MGrand15 wrote:Yeah, honestly, I don't mind it much since it's KD. We were starting to rely on him too much and KD is such a baller that he's always ready to step up to the plate.

Last 2 games: 37 MPG

That's just too high. He's in there mixing it up inside hard for rebounds. He's trying to baptize centers and put them on posters. He went to the FT line 12 times last game.

It feels like he's been our best scorer, playmaker, and defender - and he's probably hustling the most. If Nash isn't willing to hold him back - this might work.


Nash has been over-utilizing KD as a security blanket instead of doing his job and making the proper in-game adjustments. I hate that we're losing Kevin in a moment when we're already struggling, but as a coach you simply cannot allow your team to perform the easy we have with defensive rebounding and turnovers. I mean, this is the Patron Saint of Passing, and he's allowing us to throw these errant, underhanded passes without any sort of correction?

Durant's absence means we're taking off the training wheels for Nash. A below average coach should not go 0-4 in this stretch, not with the remaining talent on this roster. Show me what you got, MVP.
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Re: Back away from the ledge.... 

Post#22 » by Prokorov » Wed Jan 6, 2021 6:14 am

Kyrie stepped up big with KD out. Levert/Allen showed up finally. great response by this team 1-15.

3 of our 4 wins were by 25+
3 of our 4 loses came on the final possesion (including an OT loss)

we are 10th in record but 5th in SRS, which is a much better indicator projecting out the season. we could easily be 7-1 or 6-2 right now and thats with no one but KD/Kyrie playing well
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Re: Back away from the ledge.... 

Post#23 » by Hello Brooklyn » Wed Jan 6, 2021 8:41 pm

These were the risks of hiring a rookie head coach. Up until the Jazz game, Nash has been awful.

We basically had no offensive plays outside of iso Kyrie, iso KD, and iso Levert. No offensive creativity and a ton of turnovers leading to way more possessions for the opposing team.

Still we have to give him time to right the ship. But I expect it to even out.

I think someone established like Rivers or Lue would have been a smarter choice. But upside for Nash is definitely higher.

The roster was never the problem. If the Knicks can claw their way above .500 so can we. Its all about execution.
HEAT33 wrote:Nets not even the best team in NY without Durant

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