GT: Utah Jazz vs Nets - Tues, 1/5/21 | 7:30pm | YES

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Re: GT: Utah Jazz vs Nets - Tues, 1/5/21 | 7:30pm | YES 

Post#281 » by ecuhus1981 » Thu Jan 7, 2021 7:16 pm

Claud wrote:SUPER HAPPY we won on my birthday! I was certainly not expecting it but it was a wonderful gift!

The one thing I like so far about Nash is that he isn't afraid to switch things quickly. I'm still skeptical but I see improvements already.

Green, Allen and Brown are all + defenders so it isn't so surprising we were a lot better on that end. I hope Nash remembers this experiment.

JA absolutely DESTROYED Gobert. Ky was fantastic and Caris finally had an efficient game. I hope this trends continues vs. Philly.

I can see Kyrie/Brown/KD/Green/Fro starting lineup as one we might want to try.

Maybe replace Green with Harris also to see which one works better.

At this point of the season it's all about finding the correct scheme/rotations to maximize our top 8-9 players going into the playoffs.

Losing Spencer sucks but I'm still hopeful this will be a special season.

Happy belated, brother!

I agree, I'm still on cloud 9 about this game. I really value resiliency, in life and in sportsball teams. Our struggles combined with KD's quarantine could have been a real fold-up-tents combination. "But we stood up, like 'what up', it's a cold world, get your coat, put your hood up!"

Connectivity is Nash's buzzword, and we had it on both ends of the floor, especially defensively. My anecdotal knowledge is that 4- and 5-man units are generally more important to establish defense. We found a nice defensive group, so I hope that Steve relies on it again when we need a string of stops.

I was pleased with Caris' improved efficiency, for one night at least. He needs to be KILLING other teams' 2nd units every game, there's no excuse for him to still be hovering among the worst high-volume shooters in the league when he's facing opposing benches. He also seemed more focused defensively. I want to see him crash the defensive glass more, if he's going to bring up the ball he should be responsible for closing out defensive stands.

I was pleasantly surprised to see our wholesome, happy-go-lucky inflatable advertisement of a C Jarrett Allen take his matchup against an elite counterpart seriously, and win! Next man up, Joel; the work isn't done, big fella. Perhaps just as important as the marquee matchups, Jarrett has to keep up this level of play and dominate inferior pivots on a nightly basis.

Ky is a dark horse MVP candidate. He's poetry in motion offensively, he's "switched on" defensively and his teammates are following his leadership.

I'm happy, y'all. Go Brooklyn!
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