GT: Nets @ Thunder - 11/14 7pm EST

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Re: GT: Nets @ Thunder - 11/14 7pm EST 

Post#41 » by Prokorov » Tue Nov 16, 2021 4:00 pm

sashaturiaf wrote:
Prokorov wrote:
GTR11 wrote:
No identity :lol:

We are best offensive team in the league that can score anyway you want them to. Opposite is true.

Our only issue is depth. Kyrie taking 30m in cap space is what killing us. Marks/Tsai not extending Din is a killer. We need playmaking guard to spare Hardens minutes.

Yeah I mean we are 11th in offense despite a slow start/Harden issues, 5th in defense, #1 in threes and #1 in opponents threes allowed. We are #1 in TS%. We are #6 in net rating.

This team 1-15 and on both ends of the ball has been outstanding.

I find those numbers really hard to believe since I don't think we've played very well at all. Defensively I see the improvement but our offense is definitely a work in progress. The weak teams we played on the road trip definitely would have contributed to those raw figures.

However I think our depth is for real, there is simply no dead weight on this roster. I love our bench despite the occasional scoring drought, its a bunch of vets that play know how to play team ball surrounded by some guard dogs,

Alot of the early struggle was that dumb big lineup. we are 9-2 since we went small and started playing bruce brown. and harden has gradually picked up. and its not just bad teams... we scored 115+ against the sixers, raps, and hawks

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