Nets Vs Thunder Game Thread 8:30 PM EST at the Clays

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Re: Nets Vs Thunder Game Thread 8:30 PM EST at the Clays 

Post#161 » by HardenGoat » Fri Jan 14, 2022 9:46 pm

if you ever wondered what a more washed than millsap player looks like wait till you see oladipo. Honestly I love the guy and wish him the best but his body gave out years ago
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Re: Nets Vs Thunder Game Thread 8:30 PM EST at the Clays 

Post#162 » by Jay555 » Fri Jan 14, 2022 10:09 pm

Prokorov wrote:
MrDollarBills wrote:
And your last point pretty much sums up why I knew we would lose: The team isn't good enough without the guys we were missing to overcome Nash.

Which was the source of my frustration to begin with. not the loss... but how it happened and the continued major red flag with coaching.

Miami has one of the 2 or 3 best coaches in the league and oladip coming back

Bam --> dog/all-nba
Butler --> dog/all-nba
PJ tucker -->Dog/makes kd work for 40 minutes
Oladipo --> half of what he was but a dog
Lowry --< dog/all-star

Herro --> plays with balls
Robinson --> sniper

They are a team of hard working 2-way guys who shoot and back down from no one. in a 7 game series the massive coaching advantage could very well overcome the talent disparity

only hope is to avoid them til the ECF and hope milwaukee, chicacgo, or philly knocks them off

Agreed it would be best for MIL and MIA to meet. What a matchup that would be. Having said that, I donot care who the opponents are if the big three are all healthy and available.
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Re: Nets Vs Thunder Game Thread 8:30 PM EST at the Clays 

Post#163 » by GYK » Sat Jan 15, 2022 10:16 am

Prokorov wrote:
GYK wrote:Roster construction. Non shooters all throughout the team. Stars was always gonna sit. Maybe not this amount of the rotation but nevertheless the defense was never gonna be the strongest(Year2 and only a 3month blimp of great defense, which means coaching is schematically onto something and would be legitimate being ran by the All Defense capable personnel built around it. Also entire time keep shooting percentages down). A night like this we still could’ve won if we had the 3&D perimeter wings and rebounding/screening/rim protector/runners this PnR offensive backcourt team needs. The FO f**led us and blaming stars is their free pass.

I dont think we lost this game vs. shooting. I mean, we gave up 130 points. I think we would have lost even if KD had played. Similar to Portland, Clips, just a bad effort with awful coaching and allowing a terrible team to do what they want.

130 points is REALLY bad. I mean consider the bulls game was the best offensive game we had with our Big 3. we scored 138. OKC basically matched that despite being the leagues worst offense.

putrid. Maybe the players punted this game. if they did thats on them and the coaches for not motivating them. you want to rest guys? fine. im all for it. perfect spot to do it. but you still try and maximize your chance to win with who you have out there

130 points allowed to OKC, at home, is just a middle finger to the fans

I don’t think basketball work that way. It’s 130 but with the amount of misses you get easier shots on the other end. We certainly had trouble dealing with them off our makes but off our misses, turnovers and the 2nd chance points we gave up that score. Halfcourt is our ideal teams bread and butter but transition(including early offense), points off of TO’s and 2nd chance are all ways to score.
I agree tho. Defense was terrible. But a lack of offense feeds right into that. Our strongest defensive aspect is our high efficiency. It allows us to get back and set up, which led to opponents shooting extremely low percentages against us this entire era.
When we don’t score at a godly rate our defense suffers greatly because we don’t have personnel(perimeter or paint), don’t rebound and don’t force TO’s.

Yes we dominated the Bulls. Forced them to face a halfcourt defense nearly every time down. With a great fit of Sharpe/Kessler/Bembry/Durant. Increasing the execution pressure with every make and miss. 2nd half we got the balloon and execution pressure got the best of them and we got to have a slew of highlight turnovers.

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