2021 Season

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2021 Season 

Post#1 » by v1n5anity » Mon Apr 5, 2021 1:52 am

I just started to follow this team (so bear with me I don't really know most of the players) due to the fact the Raps suck and we're tanking. As well as the Leafs started the season hot.

- Frederick Andersen sucks, why can't they trade him & make Campbell the primary goalie? Or make him the back-up to Campbell.
- Why don't they just keep playing Jack Campbell (it's not a back-to-back) and keep Hutchinson glued to the bench? Hutchinson is like a guaranteed loss most of the time. They play him against bad teams and they end up losing. Why not play Campbell and go for the win? I've never been so pissed-off when Hutchinson gets the nod to start/play the game.

Btw, how will they play the playoffs this season? Still Canadian teams versus each other or will it be all the teams? And also the Finals, will it be a Canadian team vs an American team?

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