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Re: Leafs Regular Season Discussion 

Post#621 » by whysoserious » Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:13 pm

My open letter in response to their apology.

Dear Leafs Management,

On behalf of Leafs fans everywhere, we wish to thank you for your unwavering
commitment to ensuring profitability of the Leafs. As you have stated,
management is disappointed in their lack of making the playoffs. But management
teams come and go, Leafs fans have been suffering for 45 years without a Stanley
Cup and 7 years without a single playoff appearance.

Thanks for your apology, but it means nothing to us. We have sat back and
watched expansion teams develop and make it to the Stanley Cup finals and teams
that weren’t even in the league win the Stanley Cup, while we struggle with even
making the playoffs.

You say you take responsibility and that this season’s finish was unacceptable,
we’ve heard this time and time again. There is no need to take out an ad for an apology,
just stop with the excuses and acting as though you care as much as we do. Your
actions speak for themselves.

I’m sure you’d like to make the playoffs or win a Stanley Cup, but your inability
to achieve said goals in years speaks volumes about your commitment to these goals.
We acknowledge it’s not easy to build a contending team, at the same time, we
wonder why so many other franchises have had success and the richest team in
the league can’t get their act together.

I’m sure you don’t care so much what one individual Leaf Fan thinks in response,
your arena will remain sold out, your corporate boxes will continue to be sold,
your merchandise will continue to sell regardless and it seems you know this so
why bother building a winner.

Thanks for the apology, but we really we should be the ones apologizing. We should
apologize for supporting a franchise that has shown little ability to produce a
winner in 45 years.

I would write more, but there is a draft lottery for Leafs Fans to follow, which has
become our Stanley Cup for this year.


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Re: Leafs Regular Season Discussion 

Post#622 » by fredericklove » Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:41 am

Crowned wrote:...and the Leafs have secured the 5th overall pick, and get the tiebreaker over the Ducks.

the oilers won it again, this is some pure rigged draft lottery in history, 3 times in a row. Mann, we secured 5th and I hope we get Gally!

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