Leafs trade in the works?

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Re: Leafs trade in the works? 

Post#21 » by whysoserious » Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:43 am

andyo wrote:Not a fan of trading for Miller, not only is he declining but Toronto has a horrible track record with trading for goalies. Rask, Raycroft? I'd rather use our assets toward a more physical presence on our top 6, preferably a center, we are getting pushed around way too much.

I don't think he's fully declining yet. I think it wouldn't be a bad acquisition. I just think the Leafs, if they are going to use assets to acquire something should do it on a top line centre. The fact is we're not getting one through the draft cause we never end up with the first or second pick, and they don't hit free agency. Goalies can be drafted a lot later in the first or later and you can find some in free agency.

BTW, the whole situation with Millers wife may be a bigger reason for his off-season. They just got married last year and supposedly he's concerned she's cheating being in LA. She's a pretty cute actress. Which is why he wants to move west according to rumours.
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Re: Leafs trade in the works? 

Post#22 » by YogiStewart » Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:05 pm

nothing's clearly "in the works", so i'm locking it up.

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