Leafs 2018-19 Regular Season Thread

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Re: Leafs 2018-19 Regular Season Thread 

Post#121 » by ATLTimekeeper » Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:37 pm

whysoserious wrote:I'm not impressed with Babcock, the guy hasn't been a difference maker as a coach in a long time in the NHL. In saying that, a coach of his quality, you give time. But Dubas needs to have some tough conversations with him about what he's been doing.

There's obviously a ton of reasons we lost, as you mentioned, we got nothing from Kapanen, Kadri out, Marner went away the second half of the series, Nylander was useless, Gardiner hurt but still costly turnovers. We need guys other than Matthews and Tavares to step up and help. The Bruins got that, we didn't.

Maybe Dubas agreed with his decisions?

Tavares had 2 goals, one was an empty net. He didn't step up. That line was outplayed by Bergeron-Marchand-anybody.

Ultimately I think all that stuff is pretty noisy. Like, Matthews was invisible last year and our best player this year. He was great against Washington, too. There will always be different heroes and goats. I think roster composition was flawed and it showed up in the regular season. Too many speed/skill players on the wing. Not enough physicality. They couldn't draw penalties because those tend to be called along the walls/in front of the net. I think they just veered a little too far in one direction.

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