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Please Read For Future Reference 

Post#1 » by Crowned » Sun Apr 8, 2007 9:45 pm

Any poster found on the Leafs board constantly cheering for an opposing team and/or trashing the team just to stir up trouble will be considered as trolling.

There are too many threads with "Leafs suck, go (insert team here)", "I hope the Leafs miss the playoffs", "haha, golf time", etc.

It is not tolerated on other boards throughout RealGM, and it won't be here either. If you want to cheer for an opposing team, do it on that particular board, not here. Would a "Raptors suck, go Knicks" post be tolerated on the Raptors board? How about a "I hope the Heat miss the playoffs" thread on the Miami board? If you truly want the team to lose because you want a better draft pick, new management, etc...then say so. That's perfectly fine. However, please do not post the above examples without any substance for absolutely no reason.

Thank you.

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