when healthy, shump & felton will be tough matchup

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Re: when healthy, shump & felton will be tough matchup 

Post#21 » by I_Love_NYK » Fri Jan 18, 2013 2:45 pm

The rotation should be

PG Felton 32mpg
SG Shumpert 28mpg ( Even though he is young more than 30mpg too much his 1st years after ACL surgery)
SF Melo 36mpg
PF Camby/Copeland (Depending on opponent) 20mpg
Or (Depending how it works out)
PF Amare 30 mpg
C Chandler 32 mpg (He never played this many minutes before, limit it to 32mpg and don't go over.)

PG/SGKidd 24Mpg
SG/SF JR Smith 28mpg
F Novak 18mpg
C Camby 18mpg
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Re: when healthy, shump & felton will be tough matchup 

Post#22 » by popeye7318 » Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:13 pm

MaseInYourFace wrote:
popeye7318 wrote:After watching shump today and with felton coming back, our backcourt depth and perimeter defense has become a strength. If healthy, this backcourt might be one of the tougher backcourt to deal with in the league. These two are ultra confident, aggressive, and have a blue collar type approach to the game. They might not be the most talented but they are two players you root for because they wear their emotion on their sleeve. Also they are play makers on both ends. If its either a big steal, drive and dish, or a dunk, they will complement carmelo very well. I am probably little to optimistic but this could be a special tandem.

What other backcourts out there would give these two a problem?

YOu kinda make it seem like both these guys came out of d-league and were working in a supermarket when Knicks scouted them. They were both picked relatively high in the draft. I get your overall assesment though. I like the combo, just have to rein in Felton a little...

haha well i didn't wanted to sound too homerish. Shump is still the rook and it is unproven still. No doubt he's got the potential. Felton still has the chip on his shoulder and has yet to make an all-star team. He has all-star talent. This is a guard's league. We have the star in melo but a lot hinges on the guard play. Of course there are other factors (STAT's play, interior depth and defense, etc) that need to be top notch but the guard playmaking is big obviously. I think this is an under the radar backcourt if you don't follow the knicks. Once they get healthy, the NBA won't know what hit them!
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Re: when healthy, shump & felton will be tough matchup 

Post#23 » by NoLayupRule » Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:40 pm

Leaguepass wrote:Shumpert is very good on defense but I don't know whether it's a good look to put him against 6'8/220 Sfs night in and night out. The 3 guard line-up with Melo at the 4 puts us at a size disadvantage at 3 positions and I don't like it.

I personally think the starting unit should be:


That gives us strong enough shooting from the perimeter along with great pick and roll offense and our rebounding will improve. With a fully healthy squad I don't think the Felton/Kidd combo is a great one in the starting line-up. Unfortunately I don't see Woodson bringing Felton off the bench. I'm against Shumpert at the 3. It's asking to get hammered on the boards.

I have to fundamentally agree with you

I like larger lineups in general and for us I prefer it on a lot of levels

however weve had much more success playing small than big generally, Melo seems to be doing just fine against PFs and we do so much switching that individual matchups are almost irrelevant

the main reason why Id be interested in starting Felton, Kidd and Shump together is the ball movement

But Im conflicted

To be a championship level team I think our starting lineup has to work 100% and it has to be the one you listed with Stat, melo, Chandler,Shump and Felton with the bench being Kidd, Smith, Novak, Camby and potentially Brewer, Prigs and if we get Rasheed back
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Re: when healthy, shump & felton will be tough matchup 

Post#24 » by aj49689 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:58 am

Isn't Felton possibly coming back for Brooklyn game on MLK day?
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Re: when healthy, shump & felton will be tough matchup 

Post#25 » by blueNorange » Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:15 am


that's how the games should end
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Re: when healthy, shump & felton will be tough matchup 

Post#26 » by fdr2012 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:18 am

Am I the only one who thinks we should start Copeland at SF?
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Re: when healthy, shump & felton will be tough matchup 

Post#27 » by maxoleo » Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:52 pm

yes,yes you are
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Re: when healthy, shump & felton will be tough matchup 

Post#28 » by KingOf NY » Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:12 pm

What is wrong with yall, we should just do what worked with us and go small. Thats how we got that hot start. If it aint broken dont fix it.


Exept if were facing teams like chicago or the grizzlies than we should be like

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Re: when healthy, shump & felton will be tough matchup 

Post#29 » by koogiking » Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:42 pm

Felton 30mpg
Kidd 24mpg
Shumpert 24mpg
Melo 36mpg
Chandler 32mpg

Prigioni 18mpg
JR smith 32mpg
Copeland 8mpg and Novak 8mpg/Copeland OR Novak for a full 16 minutes
Stat 24mpg

Depending on what the Knicks need in a specific situation Copeland and Novak can be bench for the whole game so so the other gets all the minutes.

This is what we should go with until Sheed and Camby come back. In those situations the Knicks will have to do even more tweaking

Plus there is Ronnie Brewer and Kurt Thomas too. Damn this team is soo deep. This is wonderful. Even our 13th, 14th and 15th man can play ball.
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Re: when healthy, shump & felton will be tough matchup 

Post#30 » by TheGarden » Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:08 pm

Starting 5


*Take out STAT's Offense for Camby's D*
*Take out Shumperts D for Smith's O*
*Rotate Kidd and Felton*
*Take out Chandler to go Anthony/Camby 4/5- replacing Chandler with Novak*
*replace Melo with STAT, bring in Brewer for Defense*
*rotate Kidd and Felton*
*replace Camby/Brewer with Anthony/Shumpert*
*replace Smith with Chandler*
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Re: when healthy, shump & felton will be tough matchup 

Post#31 » by sol537 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:20 pm

I too think Amare will be eased into the starting line-up. He may be the first one subbed out, however. Getting all five starting clicking on all cylinders would be a team that's very difficult to guard. The key is going to be Amare-Melo figuring out a way to play together.

Chandler and Shump are the two defenders and ball movers who don't look for their shots. 'Melo is the go to guy. Felton and Amare are the secondary scorers and Felton is the one who has to orchestrate it all wisely.

Our bench gets deeper. JR Smith and Kidd are both solid. Then you need one big out of Camby, Sheed, or Copeland. And then depending on the match-ups and flow of the game, you bring out Novak or Brewer for offense/defense situations.

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